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    Do I really need 3 remotes to watch TV.

    I just use a PC. Don't want any "Smart" Spyware in my monitor and don't see why i would need different devices to do the same thing (that is play back media)
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    Amazon Basics 4K HDMI Extractor Review

    As expected. Digital is perfectly fine, Analog is crap comaprd to proper DACs but still good enough for the average Joe
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    Toslink and Jitter

    This is all marketing BS. don’t fall for any of this. They will work exactly the same. The cabel is never the limiting factor with reasonable length Toslink
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    Toslink and Jitter

    Its all complete BS. Get the Generic cable that looks like this: It’s gona be fine and the better looking ones are not better
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    Pass Labs HPA-1 Headphone Amp Review

    "It’s all nice and big and discrete components.... it must sound good..." Well making it big makes it susceptible to noise (we see this in the measurements) and "slow" so you can't have lots of feedback without having it unstable (we see this in the measurements as high distortion)
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    Is it okay to use the DAC to control volume?

    Sure you can and sure it is ok. You just loos some dynamic / sinad performance. Not exactly but about as much as turn down the volume. So if you used the volume controll to lets say about -12dB that's fine and you will not hear a difference but if you never go over -20dB your wasting a lot...
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    Emotiva Big Ego+ Portable DAC & HP Review

    The mini usb type b plug says it's all. This is desigend in the 2000s. today many dongles perform better
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    A certain song triggers HP ERR of the DX3 Pro+

    Maybe contact Topping they shuld be abel to fix it in firmware.
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    AIYIMA A08 Pro Amplifier Review

    Performs not as bad as it looks (but this is easy) Still i would not consider this amp
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    Can low frequency sine waves damage hardware like headphone amps?

    Well Headphones can certainly easily be damaged from this. But electronic like amps are very unlikely to be damaged from this. (but with bad designed equipment it’s not impossible)
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    How dangerous is lifting the ground on a source component?

    Why would you assume this is what Mini DSP was talking about
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    How dangerous is lifting the ground on a source component?

    because this speaker is designed to have save internal ground lift switch
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    cable length influence for balanced signals

    No this is not how it works. You can absolutely not just add this like some DC battery's in series The Noise has polarity (or "phases") So some of the noise is maybe adding but but everything out of polarity is subtracting ("canceling out") "peak to peak" especially without bandwidth is btw...
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    cable length influence for balanced signals

    i know but its not 2 times the voltage. its ~1.4 times. √ (1² + 1²) = 1,414... Noise is per definition random. if you add tow random numbers/voltages between -1 and 1 you don't get 2 you get approximately 1.4
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    cable length influence for balanced signals

    Yes right. No. that's the beauty of it. To incoherent noise sources of the same strength add to so approximately 1.4
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