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    Moondrop Blessing 2 Review (IEM)

    Balanced-armature transducers were used in the first telephone handsets, but moving-coil transducers have better performance. To hear YouTube reviewers talk about balanced-armatures in IEMs, you would think they were a great new innovation.
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    Audio Blind Testing - You Are Doing It Wrong! (Video)

    Audiophiles are obsessed with differences, especially regarding which is the best. I have two different systems in two different rooms, and I am struck by how similar they sound
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    Stax SRM-Xh Review (Electrostatic Headphone Amp)

    What is the mystery surrounding electrostatic energisers? High voltage power supplies and high voltage amplifiers aren't that mysterious in themselves. Has anyone built their own?
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    Teac S-300HR Review (Speaker)

    It's 13cm, from the manual, which is still available from the TEAC website.
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    SVS SoundPath Review (Wireless Transmitter)

    If your network is used for streaming audio, is another's phone's wifi reception similarly compromised? Does it make a difference that the system is separate from your network?
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    SVS SoundPath Review (Wireless Transmitter)

    Disappointing; there's little advantage over Bluetooth. Best to have computers and decent DACs in circuit with the the wireless link.
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    Audio Blind Tests and Listener Training (video)

    We have a music collection precisely because our memory for sound is so poor. Otherwise, we would only need to hear a track once, and that would be it.
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    Amazon Basics 80 Watt Amplifier Teardown

    A case with +/- 32v PSU and neat wiring could be used to house a better amplifier section, and still be cheap. But even so, distortion is still less than 0.1%, which was used as the standard for acceptable distortion for decades.
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    RF Interference in Speaker Cables??? (video)

    We know that Class AB amplifiers can demodulate AM RF signals applied to the speaker terminals, but I suspect that Class D amplifiers would not suffer in the same way - they have an output filter with a capacitor directly across the speaker wires.
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    RF Interference in Speaker Cables??? (video)

    Years ago, I had an apartment next to a "breaker" with a citizen's band radio set. His conversations could be clearly heard over my stereo. I tried all ways to get rid of this interference, and found that wrapping the speaker cables several times round a ferrite rod placed close to the amplifier...
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    JBL SDP-55 Audio/Video Processor Review

    With DACs, DSP and computer, a ground loop produced a low-level whistle of a few kilohertz in my system. It was cured by separating the mains earth from the DC output of a power supply. Protective earth remains intact, but no longer forms a loop. I use optical interconnects to the DACs, but the...
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