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    JBL CBT 70J-1 Review (Constant Beam Transducer)

    I’ve wondered the exact same. Seems like they would work well in that application. Jim
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    JBL CBT 70J-1 Review (Constant Beam Transducer)

    Thanks! Guessing that the CBT-70s could maybe be pushed a little bit more (80hz)? -Jim
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    JBL CBT 70J-1 Review (Constant Beam Transducer)

    Where would one cross these to subs at?
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    WTB: Hypex NC400 Amp

    Hey all, I'm looking for a stereo NC400 amp. Please shoot me a note if you have one you're looking to sell! Thanks, Jim
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    JBL HDI-1600 vs 708i?

    This seems extremely unlikely. What would be their incentive to do such a thing? Also, can you illustrate an example of these “math” differences?
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    JBL HDI-1600 vs 708i?

    You mean constant Q vs. proportional Q?
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    JBL HDI-1600 vs 708i?

    I can handle the dsp via HQPlayer so I don’t need that Crown amp or BSS processor (thank god!).
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    JBL HDI-1600 vs 708i?

    Hey guys, is the 708i worth the price differential? -Jim
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    FS: Motu M4

    Would rather ship in the U.S., at this time. -Jim
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    FS: Motu M4

    Hey All Selling my Motu M4. Pretty sure its the one with the new PCB as the firmware is 2.x. It looks like new and includes everything as new. Screen protector is still on. Looking for $220 shipped in the U.S. -Jim
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    Focusrite Clarett 2Pre USB - quick measurements

    Hey all, does the Clarett 2Pre USB work with wasapi exclusive mode on the inputs? I'm investigating using one of these as the INPUT (from my turntable) to HQPlayer. Thanks, Jim
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    Gustard X16 Owners feedback...

    Can you link the programmer? Thanks, Jim
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    Motu M4 Audio Interface Review

    Hey all, is anyone using the M4 via Wasapi in HQPlayer? Not sure how to get it to be in Wasapi exclusive mode. Thanks, Jim
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    FS: MiniDSP SHD with Microphone

    How does one tell what hardware revision they have? -Jim
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