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    AIYIMA A07 TPA3255 Amplifier Measurements and Review - LM4562 option

    Would a Zobel network eliminate the increased distortion from a non-resistive load powered by a Class D amp?
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    What cables do you use in your systems?

    I bought a roll of 16 ga speaker cable and a roll of 14 ga speaker cable about a decade ago, on clearance. Still happily using.
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    freeDSP Aurora-based USB 8-channel DSP/DAC/Preamp/Amp Build (in progress)

    Small update - have physically removed the bulk caps from the TPA3255EVM boards, leaving just the remnants of the pins to desolder. I had previously tried to desolder these using two soldering irons at the same time, but the PCB would just not let the pins get hot enough to truly melt the solder.
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    Toroidal vs SMPS for Class D Modules

    What you're actually asking about is linear vs SMPS, not toroidal vs SMPS (linear supplies don't have to use toroidal transformers). The answer is - it depends on whichever is rated for more output. You can get increasing amounts of power in whichever style you prefer.
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    How should star quad cables be soldered to RCA connectors?

    Pretty much this. Star quad isn't intended for unbalanced but don't think too hard about it, the above will work perfectly for you.
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    RF Interference in Speaker Cables??? (video)

    A small hole drilled & tapped to allow connection of a ring terminal? :)
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    RF Interference in Speaker Cables??? (video)

    Since it's too late to edit my earlier post, I just wanted to comment that you can in fact get speakON connectors with gold-plated contacts instead of their standard silver-plated. Anyway, that's the end of this off-topic-ness...
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    RF Interference in Speaker Cables??? (video)

    Yes. My point still stands that gold-plated contacts should be good for speaker-level connections as well, and better for the home than basically all the non-noble or semi-noble alternatives.
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    RF Interference in Speaker Cables??? (video)

    I suppose for pro applications the silver would be usefully more durable, but in the home I suspect a gold plated speaker connector would outlast the electronics it hooks up. The wear is very, very slow, especially when lubricated (who doesn't have DeoxIT lying around?) Do you have any...
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    RF Interference in Speaker Cables??? (video)

    Silver is slightly more conductive than gold, but tarnishes (sulfide not oxide), so I give the advantage to gold in terms of contact resistance.
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    RF Interference in Speaker Cables??? (video)

    Gold-to-gold is a good way to prevent nuisance contact issues. Or tin-to-tin if you have lots of stable, long-term compressive pre-load (terminal strips with SEMS washers under the screws and well-crimped ring terminals, etc.). But not gold-to-tin. Interestingly, speakON connectors tend to use...
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    XTZ EDGE A2-300 Review (amplifier)

    The ICEpower modules typically aren't too great with distortion vs frequency, any chance we can get those, harmonic spectra, IMD, multi-tone, etc? Thanks anyhow for the measurements!
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    RF Interference in Speaker Cables??? (video)

    FWIW, my old EDGE network cell phones would wreak havoc on my (non-balanced) mic inputs.
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    EVGA NU Audio Pro Review (Internal Sound Card)

    Honestly, nothing to complain about at all (EDIT: if you can make the 3.5 mm jacks work for you). Seems like it would be an perfect value solution for anyone looking to run PC-based active DSP. "High distortion" might be relatively accurate when compared to SOTA DACs, but to me -100 dB on H3...
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