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    Post pictures of anything, with comment...couple words.

    On the Hawaii theme, a young Kilauea fern.
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    Denon DRA-800H Review (Stereo Receiver)

    Yup. This thing has a certain bundle of features that is going to be perfect for some consumers, but it completely fails on implementation here. Doesn't even matter if the unimpressive specs still get reasonably acceptable sound. It really should be super cool class D and about half as tall...
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    Cheapest Full Range 20hz - 20khz Speakers?

    My take is the best within reason would be a big room with good trearment, multichannel, and subs. Best Focal up to Kanta, best Revel for the budget. Maybe Rythmik subs, Denon AVR, powerful external amps, maybe a Sony ultra BDP. Then get some multichannel music from Acoustic Sounds. If you just...
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    Focal Celestee Review (Headphone)

    The bass at the begining is super clean on mine. There is some high pitched bird chirp or squeeky hinge type sample going on with it, but no rattles.
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    Focal Celestee Review (Headphone)

    I don't hear anything that's not obviously in the recording with my Celestee. The vocals have some rough and distorted edginess, but they are supposed to sound thay way.
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    My Dog - pet thread

    I had a Maine Coon and a barn cat but they both died in the last 3 years. I would really like to get 2 or 3 coons again. The one I had was blue slate, but I can't find a breeder with solid blue slate in the midwest. Solid White or black would work too.
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    What Type of Headphones Sound the Best?

    Great video. I wonder what Harman has cooking.
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    JBL Control 29AV-1 Review (PA/Outdoor Speaker)

    Thanks Amir. Still searching for the right one I suppose. I do. So do my in laws. Maybe more common here than other places. I am sure a lot of CI firms use outdoor speakers to give the package a little boost. I am taking out the pool and putting in a patio in the coming months because I worry...
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    FX Audio DAC-M1 Review (DAC & Headphone Amp)

    Thanks Amir. This is better than I expected. Nice little amp. My main takeaway from this review is that I need to get DCA headphones. I just need to pick the Noire or the Stealth. He made a deal to keep it, detailed a bit in the Stealth thread.
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    The Case For AVRs... Am I missing something???

    AVRs are so home theater, so 1998, so passé. And they are not hifi. None of them measure great compared to the best stereo gear, and none of them offer the aesthetic delight or euphonic distortion on the other end of hifi. ;) In seriousness, stereo is trendy right now so a lot of design...
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    When is a DAC or Amp audibly transparent?

    67dB SINAD on my Loxjie P20 sounds surprisingly good to my ears with most music. What you hear is more apparent against silence or a sine wave than actual music. That may have to do with real world microphone performance. Speaking of transducers, good luck finding speakers or headphones that...
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    Schiit Vali 2+ Review (Tube Headphone Amp)

    Thanks Amir. Nice to see how this performs. It looks like it does what it is supposed to do, i.e., deliver tube sound in an inexpensive and attractuve package within the Schiit aesthetic. No objections here. They are candid enough for my needs admitting something like Magnius or IEMagni us a...
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    Pre amplifier into an integrated amplifier?

    It is fine to use a pre amp with an integrated amp, just redundant. The integrated amp will see the pre amp as a source.
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    Coffee - do you and how do you consume it?

    I am currently using Chemex and (brand new) Aeropress as well, and agree on the hot brew temp, light roast, and Chemex grind. I have metal filters and have not settled on a grinder yet. What are you using to grind and filter?
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    Douk VU2 Review (VU Meter/Input Selector)

    Thanks Amir, and whoever sent it in. I seriously considered this and similar ones at one point. Glad to have the information before purchasing.
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