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    Klipsch rp-600m with older Class AB, high current amp

    try a vintage Tehcnics amp with loudness! My RP’s just rock
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    Klipsch rp-600M II reviews

    My set-up is with a REL 5ti subwoofer and technics vintage amp. I sold the subwoofer as they don’t need one. The technics has a loudness button and simply does a great job. Spiked metal stands with sand from Omaha beach and Pro-Ject carbon turntable and is a brilliant office set-up. Main room...
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    The Yamaha R-N803 seems to be just a total winner - What am I missing...?

    This amplifier is now discontinued. You can still find them in stock at some resellers. Probably the best amp I’ve ever owned. (NAD, Cyrus,Technics,Denon). I love vinyl and discovered QOBUZ streaming via Musicast. Love both and nice to compare. I have J M Reynaud Cantibile column speakers and...
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