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    Eve audio sc205 amount of amplifer hiss ?
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    Eve audio sc205 amount of amplifer hiss ?

    Try gearspace (any EVE AUDIO user out there)
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    AUDIOPHONICS PRE-02 NJW1194 vs AUDIOPHONICS PRE-01 PGA2310 Preamplifier Volume Control

    What is the difference between these 2 Preamplifier Volume Control AUDIOPHONICS PRE-02 NJW1194, AUDIOPHONICS PRE-01 PGA2310 I can see the one not stock has the better specs but does it sound better ? ATM im using a dac,audio source selector (audiophonics) and a volume knob, would be nice...
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    Looking for some computer speaker recommendations; can someone help break it down for a noob?

    I would go for the iloud MTM since they have mic calibration deeper bass and more spl
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    Eve audio sc205 amount of amplifer hiss ?

    I don't hear any noise and that is so nice Speakers like yamaha hs5 and krk rokit powered 5 do hiss alot not to mention fluid which are very bad
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    Looking for small active STEREO speakers I can throw in a carry on bag and travel with

    A little old thread but i still wanna reply What did you get ? I would get the IK Multimedia iLoud MTM, especially since it comes with a calibration mic you just plug into one speaker and then the other side,speaker and they are calibrated in a few sec
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    Eve audio sc205 amount of amplifer hiss ?

    With a fan in the background i don't hear any hiss
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    Hiss List (S&R)
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    Mackie MR524 | Studio Monitor | Measurements & Subjective Impressions

    they cost more than €100, they cost around €129 each
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    Hiss List (S&R)

    amp different outlet
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    Hiss List (S&R)

    not to expensive ground looop box
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    Hiss List (S&R)

    Zeos Pantera say the T5V are the best of the 3 speakers, asr has only revierws the T5V and T8V
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