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    Douk Audio G3 Pro review

    Hi, I'm a bit late, but just wanted to share my appreciation of this post. I have accumulated (and sold) a fair share of Douk Audio gear and am delighted to see that (at least some) of their gear is well engineered.
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    AIYIMA A05 Review (Budget Amplifier)

    It's still better than various amps significantly more expensive. Nice little office unit. I have the A07 which does a pretty good job.
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    Puritan Audio PSM156 Review (AC Filter)

    Excellent review, as ever. Has definitely cured me from my ideas on power conditioners.
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    Four Speaker Blind Listening Test Results (Kef, JBL, Revel, OSD)

    Many thanks for taking the time and effort to perform the tests and posting the protocol and results. As this is the internet, there are the usual naysayers being naysayers, but I for one appreciate this undoubtedly helpful initiative. It has sparked a really interesting debate on testing and...
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    KEF LS50 Meta Review (Speaker)
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    KEF LS50 Meta Review (Speaker)

    Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately the things weigh 25kg each, making the postage to Amir from the UK prohibitely expensive. There are other members of the community who might already have a pair and the appropriate testing gear. Nevertheless, thank you for your kind hint, would have...
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    KEF LS50 Meta Review (Speaker)

    Now that coaxial drivers seem to be back in vogue, can somebody please measure the SoundArtist SC8B? I have a pair and am quite pleased with them, but would love to see what they measure.
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    Classical ♫ Music only | Some you listen now or recently, some you love...

    Nah. I play a few instruments and can read orchestral scores, but it doesn't add anything to the enjoyment. It's for your ears, not your eyes. And with a lovely stereo like yours, it will sound formidable.
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    Classical ♫ Music only | Some you listen now or recently, some you love...

    Beethoven's Emperor Piano Concerto at Nr1? Really? Apart from that slight anomaly, that's an unusually varied top 100. Kudos to our Australian brethren (featuring stuff I've never heard of). I'm going to work myself through that!
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    JL ELectronics Sylph-D200 Amplifier Module Review

    Hi, congrats for this outstanding piece of work and thank you for submitting it for testing. As you can imagine, there's loads of us with relatively inefficient speakers looking for something that can appropriately power them, so once you have an EU distributor that installs the amp in a nice...
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    Noob question around balanced vs unbalanced

    Hi Jimbob, many thanks for your great reply. Have cancelled the order, @SHENZHENAUDIO have been very helpful, so all is good.
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    Show us your Cars

    My 'Mini SUV'. Suzuki Ignis 4WD Hybrid. Love it to bits and all the car I need.
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    Noob question around balanced vs unbalanced

    Dear All, bought a Hilidac BEAM2SE on recommendation from this forum (not sure what this place has cost me so far in new gear...), just to find out that ShenzhenAudio is unfortunately out of stock. They offered me the 2S instead, which I accepted. Unfortunately just found out that the 2S has...
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