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    Apple lossless official announcement

    Jes, now we have Apple loosless in Denmark :)
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    Apple lossless official announcement

    It’s true! Can our friends from Sweden having Amazon inform us whether they can get Amazon Music HD?
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    Apple lossless official announcement

    This thread is about: "Apple lossless official announcement" Please come back.
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    Apple lossless official announcement

    Apple is going lossless. How to use it with your gear? And Airplay drain your iPhone/iPad and you don´t want that.
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    Apple lossless official announcement

    Which hardware support Apple Music from their firmware. Apart from Airplay (sucks your iPhone and iPad) and PC? Sonos have Apple Music in their firmware. But not Bluesound and Simaudio (MiND), which I am using.
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    How good is your hearing?

    Almost 14 kHz, I am 70.
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    Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro 3 Review (Streamer & DAC)

    Bluesound NODE 2i supports Tidal Connect and Spotify Connect.
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    Matrix Audio Mini-i Pro 3 Review (Streamer & DAC)

    Matrix MA player doesn’t support Deezer, Qobuz or Spotify. And ROON is really expensive in Europe. There is also reported many bugs in MA player. The Matrix hardware is excellent though.
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    A Call For Humor!

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    Covid-19 and Vitamin D

    Take vitamin D in the form of D3. Don’t think that you get enough vitamins and minerals through your “normal” food. Remember that the amount of daily vitamins was established so you wasn’t in need. And not what was healthy or good.
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    GUSTARD S16 Streamer

    In Denmark You can get 14 bottles of first class beer for the monthly payment for Roon.
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    What did we regret in our audio life.

    I regret that I didn't know of ASR when I bought gear I regret now. And ASR was in the air! I stumbled upon ASR via a norwegian tread about Hegel.
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    Why not review some Hegel amps?

    I own Hegel H390, H190 and H80 and I want Amir to measure them. But I can't afford to send them to USA, they are pretty heavy. Isn't there some members in NW USA who can drop a Hegel to Amir ?
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    Measurements of Topping D70s Dual 4497 DAC

    Amir‘s review of the same, D70, gave about 109 SINAD. I am not that technical, so please explain the difference.
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    Apple's first high-end headphones

    This Apple device use, from their homepage: "Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0" Is Bluetooth 5.0 Hi-Fi ? I don't know.
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