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    Is Volumio the best 'streamer freeware'?

    Having tried most of the competitors, my favorite is rAudio. All the features I want and the best UI.
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    What's the latest on pi based music steamers?

    I like pcp/LMS for one specific plugin - Chromecast audio bridge. We have several Google speakers and CCA devices connected to powered speakers on porch and garage. Otherwise, to me, it suffers from the Volumio/Moode problem of cramming too much on one page (tiny print, tiny buttons, truncated...
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    What's the latest on pi based music steamers?

    My personal favorite is rAudio after also using Volumio and Moode for many years. Volumio 3.0 motivated me switch one of my RPi's to piCorePlayer/LMS. Try them all. I have a mix of 3Bs and 4s some with heat sinks some without.
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    What is a good system (server + app) to stream and transfer music from a NAS to an iPhone

    I live in an Android household. I occasionally use the BubbleUp app to stream from my Western Digital NAS to my phone, listening with headphones. The app allows downloading to the device so I can continue to listen when I'm no longer on WiFi.
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    rAudio-1(Arch-based music player for all Raspberry Pi's)

    Simply my opinion, but I greatly prefer rAudio to all the others because of its UI. It contains more information and is easy to navigate. Never had any trouble with Wifi, UPnP or Bluetooth but I don't use Spotify. I also use LMS because of its Chromecast plugin. I sample Volumio and Moode when...
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    How do I play music on my RPI3B+ with HifiBerry DAC+ Pro

    Another possible alternative is rAudio. Note that I don't use Spotify but others have sufaced issues and solutions on the rAudio github. It seems that streaming service difficulties are the Achilles heel of RPi streamers.
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    New Volumio is paid?

    My personal favorite based on both features and UI is rAudio (nee RuneAudio). I recently replaced Volumio with piCore/LMS on my secondary system as I was put off by some of the 3.0 changes. I like piCore although it's trickier to install and configure than...
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    MC-1000: Best Speaker in the World?

    Awesome! That means the pair of MC-1500 I've had in the attic for 40 years will fetch at least $8,000. Any offers?
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    A Raspberry Pi as a music server

    You can test just the RPi by removing the digi2 and testing for sound from the headphone jack.
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    A Raspberry Pi as a music server

    Big thumbs up for rAudio. It has everything I need - streaming from NAS or attached HDD, Bluetooth send and receive, internet radio, Radio Paradise, equalizer, CD player support, tag editing, song lyrics, artist bios, OTA updates, DLNA, samba sharing. These are standard features on many players...
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    Compact amp with volume control for desktop setup

    I have this and like it a lot.
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    SMSL DA9 - Wait and see, or solid buy?

    I'm not sure that Amazon ratings and questions are entirely complete. I purchased my DA-9 in June on Amazon day at a small discount. It has worked perfectly and I love it. As an Verified Purchaser I got a "can you answer this question" email. Another purchaser had the freeze problem and my...
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    Wireless volume knob recommendation needed

    Being a couch potato, I use the BubbleUPnP app on my phone to control volume when I use Chromecast Audio. More often I use my phone's browser when listening with rAudio, Volumio or Moode on one of my Raspberry Pis. I never touch the amp.
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    Small Amps with Blue Tooth?

    Similar situation, best speaker position bracketed our piano but I didn't want to put large equipment on top. Went with small form digital amp with Raspberry Pi player. The amp is SMSL DA-9 which is working flawlessly for me. Others have had problems and are recommending the SMSL AO200. The...
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