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    Is it ok to leave a DAC always on?

    I just got an SMSL M300 MKII to use with my TV setup. It's well built and I have zero complaints about the sound. But I got worried about the fact that it does not have any kind of stand-by or display-off mode. Can this become a problem in the future? My idea is to leave it permanently on.
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    Sub for Kali Audio IN-8 V2

    @King_Pin let us know about your impressions of the T10 with the In-8. I'm very interested in the results.
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    Looking for suggestions for a living room setup

    Yeah I can. I actually can't buy the IN-8 2nd wave right now in Europe. Most of the stores are informing that they'll get some stock in 2 or 3 weeks. Waiting for the measurements.
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    Looking for suggestions for a living room setup

    I have a pair of Kali LP-6's that I initially got to use at my office, but the room is so echoey that I took the speaker to the living room while I don't have any sound treatment. Now that I used real speakers instead of the TV speakers I can't go back and I'm looking for a proper setup for my...
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    Loxjie A30 is enough to drive the Monitor Audio Bronze 100?

    My plan is to buy two Loxjie A30, a Monitor Audio Bronze 50 and 100. I'll use the 50 at the computer and the 100 in the living room. I think the Loxjie will drive well the 50 but I'm kinda in a doubt at the 100. I live in an apartment so for sure I'll not be cranking it to the max levels, I'll...
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