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    What electronic audio products you want tested most

    Yes! Or even one of the EAR knock-off's by Nobsound.
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    Vinyl will always sound *different* than digital, right?

    I have several records which I also have on CD. If the record is digitally sourced then the differences are almost nothing apart from some slight surface noise or the odd tick and pop. You can vastly improve the latter with a good microline stylus. I buy records because I enjoy the format and...
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    Does anybody actually listen to "Hotel California" outside of gear demos? (answer: apparently so)

    Can't stand it. When I worked in HiFI there were a few songs that got played to death which I can't listen to any more. Hotel California Get Lucky Money for Nothing
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    Audioquest GO-4 Speaker Cable Review

    I honestly don't think Audioquest make a single decent product. The Dragonfly sucks, their headphones were awful, their cables are poorly made, finished and expensive, their power products do nothing... I could go on. Truly a company of snake oil. EDIT maybe their record brush is OK?
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    Spirits, what you drinking...

    Interesting.. I had a look at some of the bottles listed and prices are in the thousands here in Australia. Do you have any recommendations in the $100-$200 range?
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    What gear do you regret selling/getting rid of?

    Regret selling my Bel Canto C5i, VPI Classic, Benz Ace SL and Donald North Audio Sonett headphone amp. All products were sold at a time that I needed the money but I wish I could have kept them.
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    Phono pre suggestions?

    Possibly meant the MM-5.
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    Nad c399 vs nad c298 (Hypex vs purifi) which one have better sound quality and by how much %?

    An amplifier won't have a "sound" if it's designed properly. Buy the amp that suits your needs. I usually buy on features and power output.
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    What electronic audio products you want tested most

    If anyone has one of those PrimaLuna integrated amplifiers, I'd love to see how a 40~wpc tube integrated measures.
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    Extreme Snake Oil

    Love his vids and watched it straight away. I didn't realize it just shaves an angle. Weird stuff.
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    Any good CD player/transport around?

    Got this Sony DVP-NS900V a few weeks ago after becoming frustrated with the lack of options for good quality, entry level CD players. So far I'm enjoying it. Nice build quality and some nice features as well as SACD playback.
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    Your Favorite Loudspeakers of all time whether you owned them or not

    I'm very curious what you think of the Devore's. I've never heard them but have always wanted to.
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    Phono pre suggestions?

    I have an A-S301 driving my Denton 85's. Overall it's a great amp for the money but I don't listen particularly loud (apartment living). FWIW switching from the in-built phono stage to the iFi ZEN was a massive improvement. Noise floor went way down and I was able to get capacitance to within...
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    Phono pre suggestions?

    Mani 2 seems pretty good as well. Cambridge Solo also worth a look.
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