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    LXmini Clone

    Nice job! Did you refer to this article when you're building this clone? I ask because you use the same Peerless full range driver for the top end.
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    Neutral bookshelf speakers @ $2000?

    Sorry just saw this comment. Yup I'm very happy with them. The most impressive thing about these speakers is that they throw a super wide soundstage into the room with perfectly stable center image. The midrange is just perfect (the vocals are to die for, really). Just thought that the bass...
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    Soncoz LA-QXD1 Balanced DAC Review

    That issue typically occurs with the power-hog ES9038 Pro chip, this one has the mobile version of the ES9038, so I guess there should be no problem with this unit.
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    What is the BEST amp below $200? and $150

    Forget about Allo then, they have pretty expensive shipping to Malaysia. I was about to buy their Digione Player but had to hold off my intention for now as I'm looking for alternatives. How about Loxjie A10 then? It is based on TPA3116 and has pretty good sound quality IMO. I bought mine from...
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    What is the BEST amp below $200? and $150

    If you want a modern amp, TPA3118D2-based Allo Volt+D is probably good enough for the money.
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    Schiit Hel or other Headset Compatible DAC/Amps

    Schiit Hel measures great, tons of power and audibly transparent.
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    Which DIY speakers would you like to see reviewed?

    I'm interested to see Danny Murphy's designed X-LS Encore bookshelfs to be reviewed on ASR. The measurements looks great for a $250/pair kit. I just picked up a used pair for $170, I can't wait to listen to them soon!
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    Buchardt S400 Speaker Review

    Looks like SB19 dome tweeter and SB17 aluminium woofer are being used here. Don't know which passive radiator though, but it's from SB Acoustics as well for sure.
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    Burson FUN Headphone Amp Review

    The build quality alone justifies the doubled cost over the Atom, for me at least.
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    Burson FUN Headphone Amp Review

    I mean, you can still do op-amp rolling with the FUN amplifier. I own one and I hear clear differences in sound quality with Sparkos discreet op-amps in them as opposed to the stock NE5534. Could be that my mind is just playing tricks with me and I have no way to prove otherwise since I don't...
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    Verdant Audio Bambusa AL-1 Review

    I still own the good ol' MB Quart Two XL in my living room, they still sound very good for their age.
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    Who's on Lock Down or Working from Home because of you know what?

    I currently am working from home (in fact already for 2 weeks now) and my productivity has gone through the roof. I don't know what to make of that. Perks of being in IT industry, I guess.
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    Klipsch RP-600M Speaker Review

    Supposedly GR mod can flatten the FR of this speaker, would the crossover mods affect the DI in any negative manner?
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    Rupert Neve RNHP Headphone Amp Review

    Found an annotated picture on this site:
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    KEF R3 Speaker Review

    Is there a reason why the port is not placed at the center of the back side?
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