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    Abyss Diana V2 Review (headphone)

    Yeah lol. Almost all of the criticism towards this review on here and also on reddit are about the subbass roll off. Amir's main talking point was the distortion in the midrange, which I think pathetic for a $3000 pair of headphones.
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    Abyss Diana V2 Review (headphone)

    Truth to be told, this is my dream set of headphones and have been saving up money for awhile now. Thank you for the eye opener.
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    Superlux HD668B Review (headphone)

    Many thanks for the review @amirm ! I bought a pair of these headphones 4 years ago and I don't really liked how it sounds and decided to let it collecting dust in the closet since then. I just took them out and listened to them with the suggested EQ, they actually sound freaking good I'm...
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    do any dirac receivers or processors get recommended reviews?
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    Loxjie A30 Amplifier Review

    True dat. I was hoping he tried it with Wharfedale Diamonds instead, would make a nice combo for a budget PC setup.
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    Carmody S2000 DIY Speaker Kit Review

    The MTM version is still in stock.
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    Audeze LCD-X Over Ear Open Back Headphone Review

    Whoa I didn't realize my Onkyo A800 scored that high:eek:.
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    Audeze LCD-X Over Ear Open Back Headphone Review

    Mine was the 1st gen. And the ringing issue wasn't a subtle thing either, it's friggin obvious and annoying.
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    Audeze LCD-X Over Ear Open Back Headphone Review

    Can you produce CSD/waterfall graphs using the 45CA? Could be beneficial for detecting headphones with resonance issues, like the Monoprice M1060. I own a pair, the ringing is sometimes unbearable on certain tracks.
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    Topping D50 DAC Clones - Imitation and Flattery?

    Could be the same culprit behind this one as well
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    Humbly presenting my DIY.

    I found his build thread (kinda) on diyaudio:
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    Humbly presenting my DIY.

    Holy moly that looked so good! What drivers are they?
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    JBL 4367

    What a beauty! Good luck with sale!
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    The Canton CT-120s are the best speakers I’ve ever heard and I’m kinda sad about it (completely subjective)

    Vintage German speakers are the best! I bought a pair of the old MB Quart Two XL floorstanders for $65 some time ago, it has better bass extension and quantity (not surprising vs bookshelves) and far better detail retrieval than my GR Research X-LS Encores.
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