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    Worst movie ever?

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    Modern amp recommendation

    Indiferent. No coloración, no distorsión, about 5000 dólares approximately
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    Modern amp recommendation

    Beautiful amp.Thanks you
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    Modern amp recommendation

    Good Morning. I write to the bull to ask for an amplifier recommendation. I have been in the world of listening to music all my life. I am 62 years old. I'm not audiophile. I listen to vinyl. I had some JBL xpl160 speakers and a Harman Garden stage and price for 30 years. I currently have...
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    Topping LA90 Review (Integrated Amplifier)

    357 / 5.000 Resultados de traducción star_border good evening. It is my first intervention in the forum and if you are so kind, I would like you to solve a doubt for me. My music equipment is a turntable xomoone and a phono preamp with rca outputs. How could I connect it to this amplifier that...
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