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    Aragon 2004 MK II Review (Vintage Amplifier)

    I have the 4004 version of this amp and a common fault from age is the relays oxidize which could cause the poor performance here. The fix is to open the sealed relay and sand the contacts with a fine finger nail type file. I did this to mine and it transformed the sound! Of course this one...
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    If "Tube Sound" Is a Myth, Why Tubes?

    They make great space heaters!
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    Carver Crimson 275 Measurements

    Isn’t it’s power bandwidth list as 24hz-22khz? So it should be down an unspecified amount at 20hz possibly 3db?
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    Measurements of the B&W Nautilus

    I’m not hiding behind an Avatar! I’m not mincing my word. I didn’t recognize that as Polish, you pointed that out and call me stupid at the same time. You sir are a classic.
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    Measurements of the B&W Nautilus

    That is exactly what I saw, a technical obscure language to me. Surprising that you are so shallow to not get it. If you want to continue being a jerk we are done here. Good day.
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    Measurements of the B&W Nautilus

    Thanks for the link, I had no intention of being rude. People interpret things differently especially from different countries. Maybe you should take that into consideration.
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    Measurements of the B&W Nautilus

    I did look at the link, there are no pictures, just graphs and gibberish. Apparently my browser didn’t load the pictures.
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    Is there a tube amp worth getting?

    ??? Why? This is why tubes get a bad name! This is a poorly designed circuit with super cheap output transformers. Well made output transformers weigh a lot and are required for proper tube performance. OTL excepted…
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    Is there a tube amp worth getting?

    Harmon Kardon Citation II, Macintosh MC275, Audio Research Classic 60 or Classic 120’s like I have. All, low noise, low (ish) distortion and wide bandwidth. Tubes can perform very well just not up to the best solid state design.
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    Measurements of the B&W Nautilus

    Which Nautilus are they measuring? The original Laurence Dickie Nautilus 800-805’s measured and sounded fantastic.
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    Cowboy BeBop Live Action.

    I am not an anime fan, my children are huge fans though. I watched this entire series and was completely entertained! I watched a few minutes of the anime series and was bored immediately…I just didn’t get it…
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    Douk HiFi 6N3 Vacuum Tube Preamp Review

    $110? I’m surprised it worked at all!
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    Benchmark AHB2 bridge mode vs McIntosh MC462

    Those are both very good amplifiers! I suspect the Benchmark is not entirely happy driving the Sabrina’s 2.8 ohm load in bridged mode where the McIntosh will have no problem doing that. I think that you may find the Mac preferable in the long run. I borrowed a friend’s AHB2 for a weekend and...
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    Amir's subjective speaker rankings

    Did I not say that? Point is there are many factors when measuring that could result in differences.
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    Amir's subjective speaker rankings

    Speaker break in does happen and it has been documented. Even Amir has had erroneous measurements due to a cold room where he does measurements. So even temperature can affect speakers. Here is clear evidence of speaker break in.
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