1. U

    Denon x6500h & Parasound amplifier issue

    Need some help from the pros on this one. I have my Denon x6500 running a 7.1.4 home theater. LCR (and a second zone) are powered by a Parasound HCA-1205a amplifier and working beautifully. The other 8 channels (4 klipsch R-14s for surround and 4 Jamo 660A2 ceiling Atmos) are currently...
  2. xnor

    Safe listening levels and headphone voltage/power requirements

    Heya, there's a couple of threads asking about safe listening levels and people asking about voltage/power requirements in almost any amp/headphone thread. Here's my take on this: Noise Exposure Limits The EPA and WHO recommend that noise should be kept below 70 dBA over 24 hours and below 75...
  3. MetalDaze

    Voltage Monitoring Discrepancy

    Hello all, I am in the U.S. & have a 2.2 / 5.2 home theater set up, running off a single 20amp circuit. The equipment work flow is listed in my signature. I have a seriously heavy duty splitter connected to a short run of 12AWG extension cord from the outlet, which is mounted directly next to...
  4. Dilettante

    >48v on passive Fet preamp

    Say there is a device that supplies ~54v of phantom power instead of the conventional 48v. If one plugs Cloudlifter, FetHead, etc. into the chain, can these be damaged by the excess voltage?
  5. P

    Using 230v Studio Monitors in 110v Outlet

    Hi. I have a pair of Yamaha MSP5 that I bought in Argentina (Made in china) and they are 230V 60W 50Hz. I brought them home (Costa Rica) and the voltage here is 110V, and I realized this problem when I tried to make my first listen. Can someone explain to me what should I buy? I know I can...
  6. A

    Another Topping D50s output voltage issue

    First time posting on this site. I just wanted to let people know that I am having the exact same issue that willy65000 described in his post a number of weeks ago. I purchased a Topping D50s to function as a preamp/DAC for my Parasound Zonemaster 2350 Amp. The output voltage is insufficient...
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