1. Matias

    Truthear Gate

    Truthear Gate was announced, no pricing yet 18.99 USD without mic and 19.99 USD with mic. I guess it may be It is the Hola successor as entry level 1DD IEMs. Graphs very close to a Red, which is great news imo...
  2. Matias

    Truthear Nova IEMs

    Announced from Truthear. "We're excited to introduce our new hybrid IEM, NOVA! It combines with 1DD+4BA 3-way crossover composite structure and ships a braided cable with multi-core single-crystal copper! Coming soon. ..." I speculate that the blue color suggest a Harman target like the Zero...
  3. Alpha XVIV

    TE Zero imaging (maybe soundstage as well) vs Hexa -- am I crazy?

    I have both of these IEMs -- I got the Zero first. In terms of music listening from a broad selection of genres I'll still pick the Hexa (better tonality for my personal preference and excellent detail), but for gaming or just anything with positional accuracy, I picked the Zero. Am I crazy? As...
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