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  1. ahofer

    Android as Roon Endpoint? - new feature: bit perfect

    This seems worth a bump: I know we have other threads, but I don't think this should be buried. I think it means I can use my old Android tablets as a Roon endpoint. (I mean, there was a way, but this is easier)
  2. Zenek73

    Okto Research 8 DAC Stereo as a streamer

    Hello :) I have a question about this okto DAC - there is an option to buy streaming or non-streaming version. I could see only non-streaming version available so far... 1. Can I buy such a basic version and install my own RP4 without loosing garantiee? Or maybe its not possible - not sure...
  3. dpippel

    SOLD: Like New Topping E30 DAC + Raspberry Pi 4 Roon Endpoint Combo

    ** SOLD **
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