1. C

    Denon AVR-1912 Front Left output stopped working

    The Front Left output of my Denon AVR-1912 suddenly stopped working. Only a soft rumbling noise can be heard. I suspect my experiment with a B&O Beolab 4000 has something to do with it. I stripped one end of an old RCA cable and connected it to the FL output of the Denon and the RCA to the...
  2. X

    Confusion over balanced output for headphones (DACMagic 200M vs. Jotunheim vs. Modius + Magnius)

    Hi, I feel a bit lost as I'm new to this space, and I'd really appreciate your help. I'm looking to get a setup that would power both a pair of active studio monitors and a pair of headphones. Both are entry-level (JBL 305P MKII and Sennheiser HD 600). At first, I had been considering buying...
  3. Sarcastick

    Output Frontier Studio Monitors

    For sale are a pair of like new Output Frontier Studio Monitors, I purchased these earlier this year and the only reason I am selling them is because I came across a deal on a pair of kh310s. These will be packaged and shipped in the original crate. Asking $1300 including shipping in the lower...
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