1. mfaughn

    Fosi vs NCore/Purifi: When would there be an audible difference?

    I'm weighing options for which new amplifier(s) to purchase. The budget option is Fosi v3 or ZA3. The more expensive option would be an Ncore/NcoreX/Purifi amp (from Buckeye). Obviously the latter would have more power and is technically superior. It seems that a v3 of a couple of ZA3 should...
  2. Buckeye Amps

    Buckeye Amps: Hypex NCx500 Official Thread

    Hypex NCx500 specs: - 700w @ 2ohm (per channel, peak) - 700w @ 4ohm (per channel, peak) - 380w @ 8ohm (per channel, peak) You have a choice of two configurations (both at the same price): - The default configuration uses the onboard stock Hypex buffer stage, which renders our Low/Med/High...
  3. Matias

    Hypex Announces New and Improved NCOREx Class-D Amplifier Technology

    Nice. "The first new module with NCOREx implemented is the NCx500 OEM, and can be used as a drop-in replacement for the existing NC500 OEM module."
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