1. TimoJ

    Hypex NC500MP capacitor failure

    My DIY Hypex NC500MP dual module amplifier started to make loud "pop" noise coming inside the amp from the amplifier PCB. I started to investigate and noticed burn marks around one capacitor. After removing the capacitor I noticed that the PCB under the capacitor was damaged. Looks like the...
  2. daniboun

    Hypex NC500MP modules 2x250W / 8R + cables set

    Hi amigos, I am selling a pair of a brand new Hypex NC500MP modules. I offer the cables set. Shipping to Europe only. 460€ paired. no need to introduce the NC500MP anymore, it's a safe bet for DIY or building a good little amp without breaking the bank) SPEC : Hypex NCore NC500MP X2 PSU...
  3. B

    Please help troubleshooting Hypex NC500MP

    Hi all, I'm at a loss to figure out what's wrong with my Hypex NC500mp build but I'm not getting any sound from it. I have a balanced input that I've verified works fine through my Crown D75 but when I swap in the NC500MP I get nothing. These units have the built in power supply and I"ve...
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