multichannel music

  1. teched58

    Stereophile's Jim Austin Says Streaming Atmos Sucks

    Stereophile Editor-in-Chief Jim Austin has a new As We See It column, entitled Dolby Atmos: A Bleak Shadow? Here, Austin is continuing his one-man crusade against Atmos as it's currently streamed by Apple Music. (To be clear, Austin is criticizing "lossy" Atmos as streamed. Not lossless Atmos...
  2. juliangst

    Can a center channel improve stereo music?

    While planning my surround sound setup I got stuck at the questions if I want to get add a center channel or not. For movies and native surround music like Dolby Atmos music a center channel makes absolutely sense because there is native content mixed to that channel. But most of my music still...
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