1. J

    Stack or Combo? (M500, E30 L30, D50s A50s or schiit magni/modi 3)

    Hi All, I am very new to this. I just got an active speaker (Edifier S880DB). I am looking at Dac/amp for the speaker and to control the speakers from the amp. So based on the price in my country, the: Price of SMSL M500 = Price D50s + A50s > Price Schiit magni+modi = Price E30 +L30. My...
  2. K

    smsl sp200 + m200 vs m500

    Hi, Ignoring the fact that m200 has no MQA and smsl sp200 + m200 would 50 GBP more. Is the sp200+m200 combo much better (especially amp section) that the one integrated in m500 amp/dac combo? I'm looking to pair it with DT1990 headphones. Thanks
  3. M

    MQA via SMSL M500 on macOS not working

    Hi I have a new mb16 with only usb-c I have connected the M500 with an usb adapter and it can play 44.1 but not MQA using the Tidal app. Tidal is showing the Master badge when it is playing. I have tried a couple of usb adapter but with no luck. Still no MQA
  4. RickSanchez

    Sabaj D5 vs. SMSL M500 vs. Topping DX7 Pro: measurement comparison

    Due to overwhelming ASR member demand (kidding) I thought it would be interesting to compare three high-performing DAC/amp combos: the Sabaj D5 vs. the SMSL M500 vs. the Topping DX7 Pro. Thanks to @amirm for all of the measurements; all of this info is from him (unless otherwise noted), I'm...
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