hifiman edition xs

  1. R

    Portable DAC/AMP for Hifiman Edition XS ?

    Hi! Any suggestions for a portable DAC/AMP that can fully exploit the potential of Hifiman Edition XS? At the moment I have a balanced 2.5 cable with a ddaudio 2.5 to 4.4 adapter My primary source is my phone and sometime the laptop but always on the go, away from a power outlet...
  2. Iridist

    Best headphones in the $500-$800ish range?

    Been using a pair of Sennheiser HD560S for a bit over a year now, they sound good but I think I'm ready to upgrade. So far I've narrowed down my options to these (lowest to highest $): - Verum One MKII - $350 - HiFiman Edition XS - $380 - Audeze MM-100 - $400 - HiFiman Ananda Stealth - $400 -...
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