hidizs s9 pro

  1. S

    USB Dongle DAC

    Good day! I suffer with the choice of a portable USB DAC. There are problems everywhere. I would like a DAC at the sound level of a Cozoy Rei and above, with a regular 3.5 jack and a balanced jack with a sane price and availability. It would be nice to be with MQA. Also, to work normally...
  2. S

    Hifiman Sundara 2 issues: 1, volume levels, 2, noise floor. help?

    hey guys, I got myself my first pair of audiophile grade headphones yesterday -- Hifiman Sundara. I am a bit perplexed about a couple of issues and need your perspective. Please help a fellow noob with these issues and help me get better? Okay, so a bit of a background. I have a hidizs S9 Pro...
  3. Vik

    Qudelix 5K or Hidizs S9 Pro for iPhone/Mac?

    It seems that I'll end up with buying Topping DX3 Pro +, plus either Qudelix 5K or Hidizs s9 Pro as a portable solution. I'm using iOs/MacOS devices, and will order the portable DAC from another country, so I need something as trouble free as possible in order to not have to send the DAC back...
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