1. A

    Volume jumps in games/movies or dynamic range question

    For a long time I can not deal with one super problem that everyone knows, but no one understands (at least in our super country Russia) as the main reason to solve it. Games/movies use (or have) a wide/high dynamical range in sound. It looks like this: there is a dialogue in the film and then...
  2. ahofer

    Importance of SPL-Response Linearity

    I keep looking at these graphs in Erin’s reviews and thinking these measurements deserve more discussion. Doesn’t a lot of difference hear suggest that the speaker’s dynamic response is poor?
  3. WonkyDonkey

    Active amplification for DIY two-way question.

    I'm planning a build of a large, high efficiency active two-way speaker. I had assumed I'd buy a couple of Hypex FA122 (or FA123 - future-proof option!) and the remote kit, as even 50W @ 8 Ohm is enough for stratospheric listening levels. I only need two digital inputs and one analogue balanced...
  4. R

    Passive Loudspeaker Speaker Compression/Dynamic Compression

    Howdy, this topic got hot in the JBL 4309 thread. A lot of very interesting points have been mentioned in that thread. Let's make the jump to a dedicated thread. Maybe the mods can move some relevant posts here so there is some context and fuel to work with in this thread. Things discussed...
  5. GoldenOne

    MQA Deep Dive - I published music on tidal to test MQA

    EDIT: UPDATED with most current information. Introduction MQA is a proprietary music compression solution that uses the FLAC container. It requires a license fee for manufacturers to implement it, and due to the lack of transparency from MQA, there has been relatively little conclusive...
  6. V

    High GAIN=Higher gain=More compression?

    So, i didn't well speak what Gain level on specification on amplifier means exactly, maybe it act like a sort of compression on sound quality? For example: JDS Atom Labs 1.0W 32ohm: Low gain=x1.0/High Gain=x4.5 THX AAA 789 Unbalanced 1,8W 32ohm: Low gain=x0,33=-10dB / Medium Gain=x1.0=0dB /...
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