1. GoldenOne

    MQA Deep Dive - I published music on tidal to test MQA

    EDIT: UPDATED with most current information. Introduction MQA is a proprietary music compression solution that uses the FLAC container. It requires a license fee for manufacturers to implement it, and due to the lack of transparency from MQA, there has been relatively little conclusive...
  2. V

    High GAIN=Higher gain=More compression?

    So, i didn't well speak what Gain level on specification on amplifier means exactly, maybe it act like a sort of compression on sound quality? For example: JDS Atom Labs 1.0W 32ohm: Low gain=x1.0/High Gain=x4.5 THX AAA 789 Unbalanced 1,8W 32ohm: Low gain=x0,33=-10dB / Medium Gain=x1.0=0dB /...
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