1. Z

    AMP/Speaker choice

    Hello, after some research, I've narrowed my choice to few speakers/amps. I'm planning to listen wide variety of music in my living room (40m^2 of open space), which unfortunately, is not and can't be acoustically treated (except for the rug and maybe some curtains). Seating/listening position...
  2. 5

    Subwoofer speakers suggestion

    Hello ive moved to new Appartment with my old speakers. speakers b&w 600 series : dm603 s3 for mains dm601 s3 for surround Lcr60 center avr denon x4700h listening music and movies on -20 to -30 db on AVR music / movies 50/50 the Appartment is on attic - one open space - 120 m2 and total...
  3. K

    KEF R3 OR BOWER & WILKINS S706 s2 ???

    Hello guys I need some help here , I'm setting up a Home theater / listening room but I have 0 experience with audio so i hope some ppl give me some insight on which one of these speaker will work better for me ., this would be a big purchase and i don't want to spend money on somethi8ng that it...
  4. K

    New 5.1 setup bookshelf front mains under about 1.5k

    I am replacing my old floorstanding speakers in my 5.1 setup with bookshelf speakers and I just cannot decide because I do not have a lot of listening possibilities here. I might swap out my really old mid channel so that might also get upgraded. My speakers are powered by a Denon AVR X3400H and...
  5. Matias

    B&W 800D4 series

    Seems to have leaked. On the tech front, the loudspeakers include the company’s Continuum Cone, FST and Biomimetic Suspension technologies. The result of an eight-year research program, the composite Continuum Cone – used for both midrange and mid/bass applications – is combined with the...
  6. M

    B&W 705 Signature Measurements | Stereophile

    https://www.stereophile.com/content/bowers-wilkins-705-signature-loudspeaker-measurements At a $1000 premium over the $3K 705 S2, it features a higher end finish and an optimized crossover. Stereophile measured the original 705 in 2004, where the price was $1500 (inflation calculator puts...
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