buckeye amps

  1. Dennis_FL

    Need help on DAC input

    I have a Mac Mini feeding Roon music to my Gustard DAC via USB and the Gustard in turn feeds a Buckeye amp via balanced XLR. In addition to Roon, I'd like to add the option of playing music from other players like Apple Music, SiriusXM, and the Tidal, QOBUZ apps on my Mac. I don't have a...
  2. H

    FS: Buckeye 4-channel amplifier - like new condition

    Get your Buckeye amp much sooner! I have a mint condition Buckeye NC252MP 4-channel amp available. Being the original owner, this amplifier was bought less than 2 weeks ago and was used all of four times for running Atmos channels. Looking to sell for $827. Shipping is included w/ the price...
  3. S

    Hypex NCore - Yea or Nay?

    I've become intrigued by the Hypex NCore amplifiers (particularly NC502MP) and this site is one of the few I've found with meaningful discussion and commentary about the various options available on the market. But it's also left me feeling a bit baffled and concerned about whether the whole...
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