av processor for movies and music

  1. andrewskaterrr

    Are there sub-$1500 AV Processors???

    I have a Marantz SR5010 and am wanting to upgrade. I'd like to get something with full HDMI 2.1 but we're still waiting on those to release it seems. My main question is do I go with another Marantz or similar AV Receiver, or buy separate AV Processor and AMP? So far all I've been able to...
  2. Reksos007

    Is there an AV Processor which can act as an Pre-Amp for high quality stereo music experience?

    Hallo, i was thinking of a faaaaar distance future upgrade to an 5 channel Amplifer and an AV Processor which could also act as an pre-amp for my music playback. I tried to do a similar test with my Yamaha RX-V781 but the sound quality i got was pure garbage. So i was wondering if there is an AV...
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