audio connections

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    What happens when you use an Audio Interface with an AMP

    Hey all, I currently have a pair of XENNS Mangrid Tops and a Schiit Magni Unity (with DAC). Definitely overkill but they're so good. However, I am unable to use a Mic with this configuration, hence I am looking for an Audio Interface. I realised I could still use my Magni Unity if I connect...
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    Connecting unbalanced source to balanced input using balanced cable & noise rejection

    I need a 1U rack-mount mixer in my studio and I'm considering the BEHRINGER RX1602 V2, which is perfect for my needs but there is a slight snag: it has unbalanced outputs. However, the audio interface that it would be connected to (RME UCX II) has balanced inputs, so does that even matter? My...
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