1. M

    SOLD: Allo DigiOne streamer with cable

    Hi Gang. Not a frequent poster on ASR, but I'm a forum donor and love the site. I'm listing for sale an Allo DigiOne streamer. For those not familiar, head over to to read more, or you can read a review of it that Amir did a couple years back. In short, it attaches to a Raspberry Pi...
  2. HionHiFi

    Allo VOLT+ D (DOUBLE) 2X60W - Dual Mono Stereo Amplifier

    Selling an Allo VOLT+ D (DOUBLE) 2X60W - Dual Mono Stereo Amplifier. It is a nice little class d amplifier that sounds excellent and runs cool and efficient. Comes with Alitilove power cord. I have 1 of these left. Price includes shipping. Asking $87 or best offer, shipped. No PayPal fee...
  3. Farshad

    Amp suggestion for Atohm GT1-DV SE Speaker

    I am considering buying a pair of second hand Atohm GT1-DV Special Edition. I heard them in the shop connected to a Naim Uniti Atom and it sounded fantastic. A lot of detail, nice bass and a fabulous sound stage. My budget is around £1500. The speakers cost £800 (New £2000). I am now looking to...
  4. M

    Help choosing rpi4 digital HAT (transport only)

    My primary DAC for this transport will be an RME ADI-2 DAC FS, which needs to link to a network server several rooms away (currently experimenting with Roon). I will connect to the transport using coax (a media PC currently occupies the USB input on the ADI-2). Please note the ADI-2 does not...
  5. I

    Top 5 streamer devices by ASR community

    Is there a consensus among ASR community about what are the best Audio Streamers today on the market? From Allo Digione signature to Cambridge Audio CXN V2, what are the top 5 more recommended and mentioned streamers?
  6. slurp

    SOLD!!!: Shanti Dual Linear Ultra Low Noise PSU: SOLD!!!

    Accidentally bought an extra. Unused and in the original box. Asking $150 (includes shipping if in US ... save yourself the steep international shipping cost!)
  7. HionHiFi


    I’m looking to buy another ALLO VOLT+ D (DOUBLE) with power supply to drive the mids and tweeters of my Snell C7’s. Willing to pay up to $85 shipped to California depending on condition, version, etc. HionHiFi
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