1. D

    Has anyone bought a amp from Japan on Ebay? How was your experience?

    I live in USA. I am wanting to buy ether a Luxman or Accuphase amp (brand new) on ebay from Japan. They are much cheaper than buying them in the states. One of the ebay Luxman sellers told me that it will have to go through customs which they will open the box, but they do not think they would...
  2. St1n

    Vintage vs Modern; Class A vs A/B

    My journey so far... I've been on the hi-fi merry-go-round for a little while now, and having an engineering background, decided to go the vintage route as an attempt to save on costs. I've found that after re-capping these units from the 70's, these units generally perform quite well...
  3. MDAguy

    Adding a component with an AD/DA stage downstream from your DAC...‍♂️

    So I listen in a smallish room (Can't change that for a multitude of reasons) with some acoustic issues, nothing too bad, but I'm trying to achieve the best possible sound in this room... ... a friend brought his DSP (Accuphase DG-58) over and we tried it out, and it made a noticeable and...
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