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    Sorbothane for stand mounts

    Not Sorbothane, but any thoughts on these? Conception 2 plaques d’élastomère à base de Polychloroprène (35 ShoreA) 1 plaque d'EPDM 25 ShoreA. Généralités Dimensions : 200 x 200 x 20 mm Poids : environ 580 g Charge maximale : 1 tonne par socle (2,5 kg/cm²) Charge minimale recommandée : 4 kg...
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    Greek music recommendations Stavros Xarchakos Vasiloukos - The Old Rembetiko of Mouflouzelis Rita Abadzi Cretan music (kriti, kritika) Psarantonis: Vasilis Skoulas...
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    Okto DAC8 Pro - open to new orders

    People pay crazy money for X so it must be worth it. I'm just guessing you haven't spent much time outside this thread on ASR which is dedicated to debunking nonsense like this.
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    An anxious audiophile

    Have you become more or less anxious after finding this site?
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    what are your industrial design favorites?

    Something to dilute the high-testosterone content of this thread: by collector Jaro Gielens
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    Help eliminating USB noise from PC to Topping E30
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    need to rent a room calibration expert from member mitchco:
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    Great cover versions

    Caterina Caselli -Tutto Nero(Paint it Black)
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    Great cover versions

    Meiko - Stand by Me
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    Great cover versions

    Stranglers - Walk On By
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    Neat optical illusion

    Reminded me of an article I read recently:
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    Mains hum from subwoofer

    Not sure if this classifies as a "better" idea, but I took the easy way out and went wireless with my subs.
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    Opinions / experience with

    In my experience language can be a problem when dealing with French or Walloon companies.
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    Opinions / experience with

    Never had an issue with a product I ordered, so no experience with returns et., but in pre-sales their customer service is very responsive, knowledgable and a pleasure to deal with. In English that is, no mean feat for a French company and in my book an indicator that they really try hard.
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    Help me to choose rockwool thickness

    There's other ways to ingest stuff, like fibers in your lungs.
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