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    Digital to Analog with 100% accuracy

    All necessary research was already included in the CD Red Book specification. That is all you need, and these people were far smarter than you.
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    DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core Room EQ Review

    I am very happy with my Antimode 8033 for subwoofer equalization. I would not have bought a Dual Core for that, but if you have it, you might as well use it. And of course, I am curious what Kal thinks about his X4.
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    Behaviour of amplifiers, power & transparency

    So you do not need more power than you need, but you may need more than you think, particularly for the lower frequencies. You must realize that for dynamic peaks you will need a lot of power, often in the hundreds of watts.The reason is that the relation between power and sound level is not...
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    Explain Preamp Gain to an Idiot

    And if I may suggest an alternative preamp for this great power amp: the RME ADI-2 DAC. In fact, you do not need a traditional preamp at all, only an external volume control. The RME ADI-2 gives you that, plus a very good DAC with tone and balance controls, dynamic loudness, filters, etc etc...
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    Why is Lumin so expensive?

    I think you are in the wrong place. We do science here, and that means proper theory, measurements and double blind listening tests. If you want a suggestion for a perfect DAC, look for RME ADI-2, selling for about 1000 euros. It does not get any better, and you get volume, balance, tone and...
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    A wishlist of gear to be reviewed by Amir

    With this year's surge in video conferencing and online teaching I would be interested to see some tests of cheap headsets, either rca or usb. My wife and I use pretty fancy stuff, but students in particular continue to use horrible microphones built into their crummy laptops, and sadly the same...
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    What can I do to further improve my setup?

    I agree: measure in-room response and equalize. I don't know how noisy your PC is, and how much the noise intrudes, but you may want to consider a fanless case from e.g. Akasa. I just ordered an Intel NUC system for my desktop, and opted for the Akasa Turing FX case. If the room is large you...
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    bass control in living room

    OK I understand. Mind you, it is not either or. The combination of as many tactics as possible is likely to give the best results.
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    bass control in living room

    There is no reason why dsp room eq would not work for vinyl as well, although it may require different hardware, depending on how you equalize your digital sources.
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    KEF Unicore

    These smartphone apps are mostly next to useless unless designed for the actual model of your phone.
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    Panasonic DP-UB9000 UHD Player Review

    Ah - could be. I rarely use them as I prefer to listen to the original languages and know quite a few. Is this a feature of the player rather than the disc therefore?
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    Panasonic DP-UB9000 UHD Player Review

    What do you mean by subs?
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    Panasonic DP-UB9000 UHD Player Review

    I would only be interested in the UB820 and its optical output as that is how I have set up my current BD player into a stereo system with RME ADI-2 DAC. I have two questions (as you will see this is not a market that I know well): 1 With a Panasonic plasma HD screen, would I see any meaningful...
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    Power Amp for Elac Debut Reference

    It looks like the kef Kube8b is now a lot more expensive in the UK: in November I only paid 379 euros (VAT incl) in the Netherlands (from a well respected store).
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    Power Amp for Elac Debut Reference

    I agree that two small subs may be the best option, but they will stretch your budget a bit. I am very happy with my Kef Kube 8b but you may prefer the bigger 10b to make some real difference. How big is your room?
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