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    Fiio BTR5

    Well, at work I always use my meizu dongle now. It sounds great, it's not expensive and easy to replace should I ever lose it. It's not BT or anything though, just a little usb-c dongle. Very happy with it but it's not the same kind of product than the BTR5.
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    Having a Feeling of Shame Gives Rise to Courage--SMSL M500 V2

    We don't do that around here, sir
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    Wolf's Measurements of SMSL M200 DAC

    Preamp at '0' tends to have the highest SNR (signal-noise ratio). The preamp is to use for your convenience, sometimes you need to change the volume. Simple as that. Don't overthink it...
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    Sabaj D5 - Owners' Thread

    First, I think you most certainly, simply had the worst luck since many people don't have these issues. Secondly, if you had bought a device from a first-class reseller like Apos, they would make you a return label and ship a new unit in advance to them even receiving the return. Unfortunately...
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    Topping E30 question

    It has no analog inputs, reading the specifications would have pointed that out. When using it with a digital input (usb/any other), it can work as a DAC or as a DAC with variable volume (=pre functionality). That's it.
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    Does sample rate conversion affect sound quality?

    Windows has a pretty shite resampling system. And I'd say even that is not too audible. I believe our ears are quite forgiving, which makes super-over-sampling the like a Chord M-Scaler does even more ridiculous. That's just my view on the matter, at least...
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    Topping D10s USB DAC and Bridge Review

    No offense, I'm not saying you can't enjoy what you enjoy. Some like to buy overly expensive stuff just to feel good, aesthetics, ... I'm just saying there's no real basis to it. People can enjoy something basic like the D10s just the same.. :)
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    Topping D10s USB DAC and Bridge Review

    Sorry for being so slow today :oops::) But I owned or heard Sabre, AKM, TI, Cirrus Logic/Burr Brown, Sony TDA, even boutique/R2R, in a proper matched test you can't really hear a difference. Warmer/brighter/harsher? If you don't know which one you're listening to for some reason the difference...
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    Topping D10s USB DAC and Bridge Review

    :facepalm::facepalm: Well, I sure would be. Not like there's 80+ pages on the subject already
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    On the lookout for mixing headphones

    Once it is "flat" in their software it only means that it 100% follows their target curve. Which they don't reveal, since it is proprietary to them.
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    Best Dac Amp for FPS Gaming with HD 800s

    How? They just lie through their teeth.
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    Review and Measurements of Topping DX3Pro DAC and Headphone Amp

    While I get where you're coming from, using a cable-like adapter rather than those bulky awful plugs, it's really not too bothersome.
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