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    ELAC Unifi Reference teasers

    Port resonances tend to be a bigger (potential) issue with 2-ways anyhow. This being a 3-way I'm quite confident any such issues take place outside of the passband of the woofer.
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    Estimated In-Room Response - trendline & slope

    Theoretically, in my mind, ideally the reflections are identical to the direct sound, minus several dB (I believe it's mentioned in Toole's book that preference for the first lateral reflection (sidewall) is minus 4 to 6dB). So constant directivity in the horizontal plane, from as low in...
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    DIYSG 1099 Speaker Review Monday, Jun 7, 2021

    Simple filterset And in-room estimation
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    Upcoming Tom Danley Hifi speakers

    Sturdier than mdf so they can be made thinner. Weight becomes a factor with big speakers. That would be my guess.
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    DIYSG HTM-12v1 Speaker Review

    That would be pretty cool. I'd just aim for proper time allignment as to get a proper forward lobe, put in an LR4 (acoustical) crossover I'm guessing somewhere around 1kHz (give or take), and a couple of broad filters to get a flat on-axis regression line, and then take out whatever resonances...
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    DIYSG HTM-12v1 Speaker Review

    I understand the market for passive loudspeakers. With speakers such as this however, and with DSP, power amps and even plate amps with integrated DSP being readily available at fair prices, why not simply go active and make a truly good loudspeaker. I can't imagine DIY folks being against...
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    DIY Sound Group Volt-6

    18Sound XT1464 and a good compression driver, Some faitalpro or AE (are they still in business?) 15" woofers, an active crossover and you're good to go :)
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    Magico A5 spinorama (CEA2034)

    It's physics. There is more radiated energy as one goes lower in frequency. Whether or not the room is absorbent at higher frequencies or reflective doesn't change these properties inherent to the speaker.
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    Magico A5 spinorama (CEA2034)

    I'd say this is the result of the directivity. If we take your measurement, and overlay the reversed ERDI they more or less would match with some EQ <500Hz
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    Magico A5 spinorama (CEA2034)

    Could you use a standard 50dB scale and 1/6 or 1/12 smoothing? Also any other EQ in the bass apart from the one based on anechoic data?
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    Magico A5 spinorama (CEA2034)

    Listening distance? Constant or gradually increasing DI? I've never measured a neutral loudspeaker that measured flat in-room.
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    Magico A5 spinorama (CEA2034)

    False It is a matter of directivity and not just HF absorption (which even happens by air itself)
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    Genelec 8320a Review (Powered Monitor)

    There's no such thing as perfection :-)
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    Genelec 8320a Review (Powered Monitor)

    It's good in the horizontal axis which is arguably the most important. The vertical behaviour exaggerates the DI. I did a mono test of the anologue G2 vs the KH80. No clear winner to me. Both sound fine tonally.
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