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    Mac OS X audio driver and SQ

    I have Audirvana and Amarra Luxe. I have Neutron on my iphone. I have Plex, Fidelia, and Bitperfect too. I ran Foobar2000 in Wine. I might be forgetting some. I have not tried Roon. Each of these has had nice features. Neutron is amazing, kinda wish it ran on Mac OS. I tried all of these...
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    CDs---Grampa's relics?

    I detested LPs even when there weren't many alternatives . . . my father had a Teac reel-to-reel recorder that sounded good however (this is back in the 1960s-1970s). I hated LPs so much I bought decent cassette decks (eventually a Sony 3 head 3 motor unit) to record any new LP I bought, since...
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    Does anyone remember VHS HIFI ?

    I thought Sony copied VHS after it became obvious to everyone that Beta was doomed? Like in the late 1990s? I remember Beta was decent at the time.
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    SMSL SU-6 Review (Desktop DAC)

    Holy smokes. The D6 is what I've been waiting for. Volume knob, TRS output, remote for under $200. Nice match for a Topping PA3S. My only nitpick with all these choices is the lack of separate input and power buttons (I live with people who don't take kindly to multi-function knobs).
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    Does anyone remember VHS HIFI ?

    Does anyone remember between VHS HIFI and DAT: Recording digital stereo to VHS? I think it was using Sony PCM-F1 - type format? On a Sony PCM-601 ESD I think, in the 1980s. So all the audio went to the space normally used by the video tracks, IIRC. We did some live recordings of events with...
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    Polk Signature Elite ES20 Review (Bookshelf Speaker)

    Thank you for the excellent review, Amir. I was curious about this one. I bought the Polk s15's on your recommendation, and have been very happy with the result.
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    CD Player / Transport with Digital Out

    I just purchased a vintage (1994) Made in Japan Sony Carousel (Sony CDP-C445) in its original packaging, mostly for an older family member who is ailing and who likes the tactile experience of using CD players (and specifically carousels). But a strange thing happened. I realized that I feel...
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    What is your main OS (operating system) at home?

    I hope it's not already been observed (I'm not reading through the posts to check), but it's interesting that Linux overtakes Mac OS, and both combined approach Windows (without even adding IOS). Having been forced to 'upgrade' to a Windows machine at work (Lenovo Thinkpad E14), I can see why...
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    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    It's not "audiophile" by any means, but you might try experimenting with something like Dayton Pucks. I have them mounted to my desk chair. If you attach them to a subwoofer preamp, or filter out all but the low frequencies some other way, they allow you to feel much of the bass impact that...
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    Low budget stereo preamp/integrated recommendations?

    One way: Loxjie A30, use the optical input only, and get one of these: Neoteck 5 Port Digital Optical Audio Switcher with IR Remote Control). In case you ask, another member tested (subjectively) the A30 and found the optical port was better than some of the other inputs. I find this to be the...
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    What headphone(s) do you own ?

    I have lots, but only a few are worth mentioning. The best/favorites (IMHO): AKG K371 (Holy smokes! These rock!) Apple ADDIEM (loved 'em when I got 'em, still love 'em. I baby them now since the insulation is coming off) EarFun Free Pro 2 (first pair problematic, 2nd pair OK. My daily walking...
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    Topping D10s USB DAC and Bridge Review

    The 6S runs IOS 15. Probably the last version it will run.
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    Topping D10s USB DAC and Bridge Review

    I have a setup like this, but with the older D10. Old (retired) iPhone 6S connected to the 'Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter' (so the phone can connect to the D10 AND charge at the same time) connected to the D10 connected to my NAD C320BEE. I've been running it that way for many months...
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    Budget Bookshelf Suggestions

    I like the Polk S15 speakers a lot. I got them on Amir's recommendation. They have really nice bass without a sub. They're pretty attractive, esp. (IMHO) without the grills on.
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    Best mind bending movies you have watched so far?

    As much as I like Terry Gilliam’s work, I prefer La Jetee to 12 Monkeys.
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