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    Advice on power amplifier and upgrade

    At post #24 he said he listens at 60 to 70db levels. Only one other person recognized this and mentioned it correctly. All the rest of you ignored what he said and just ran with spending his money on new amps. For no gain in sound quality and just wasting money. Then he says he wants punch from...
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    GR Research

    If you take my word for it, I will say you are a very smart person! Plus, you will be in good company. Just sayin.....
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    Denon owners of receivers with multi channel pre-outs, you'll LOVE this... if it works

    Ok, I just wanted to say that after reading this thread I just beat my head against the wall and now my forehead hurts! I see so much fooling around (tweaks) with people trying to get better sound with no testing. Just a minute I will be right back. There I just beat my head against the wall...
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    HOW can bigger amp change sound at lower volume?

    To the OP, if you are not clipping the signal which you shouldn't be at such low level listening, there will be no difference. Audio marketing theory also known as "snake oil" says buy a bigger amp and it will make a huge difference. Pure 100% BS. What you have is working fine. If you ever...
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    GR Research

    This is 100% true!
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    Iconic Boomboxes

    I had a Panasonic that lasted forever and sounded very good. I used it when I was doing electronic repair way back when I was a younger pup.
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    SVS SB-2000 Pro vs SB-3000 Subwoofer Review

    Good to hear! The twin 4000s should do the job!
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    Wife finds theatre too loud. Bumming me out! How can I make it 5db quieter for only her?

    I wear plugs at the theater all the time and after 2 minutes, your brain adjusts to them. I enjoy the movie but just not at ear destroying levels. Frequency response is not a big concern at all in movies. Try it, she might like it and appreciate that you got her a "cost is no object" fix. You...
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    Objectivists vs. Subjectivists - Who's right?

    I have done some new testing and you are ALL wrong. Wrong about everything. I bought some new speakers from a guy in the Walmart parking lot (White Van)and they were "Blemish" items of extremely high end speakers. The seller promised me that I was getting a super deal on them. So I took my new...
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    Wife finds theatre too loud. Bumming me out! How can I make it 5db quieter for only her?

    Cheap foam earplugs cut in half will work fine. In fact very well. So if the plug is say 1 inch long you make it 1/2 inch long. If you buy a package of foam plugs you can experiment and EASILY fine tune the plugs. Very cheap, very easy and infinitely tunable. What more is there?
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    Do Audio Speakers Break-in?

    Everyone knows that I have exceptional hearing and an exceptionally resolving system. I can state that with both I prove daily that all this subjective stuff is rubbish. Or, stated in engineering terms "Total BS". I hope I have opened up some eyes with this post. No one has a better resolving...
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    Finally seen the light

    Hmmmm reading the last post I am coming up with the term "DAC sluts". There are hundreds on this site. You know who you are! Don't try hiding your extra DACs laying around. We see them! :) DAC sluts is a shameful but appropriate description of many on here. Then there are the "speaker sluts"...
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    Do Audio Speakers Break-in?

    I too was flabbergasted and gobsmacked at that post. I can't even respond. It is just too far to get to where I would need to go when starting at zero. Someone else might do it though.
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    Do Audio Speakers Break-in?

    As I say ad nauseum around here, it is not audible. But it is measurable! Great post showing how insignificant the difference is. But all snake oil takes something and exaggerates it by 1000 to sell that pet rock, platter stabilizer and electron aligner.
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    Do Audio Speakers Break-in?

    I have defended Danny at GR Research before on this forum. I have to say after the last 6 months, I can no longer do that. He has gone full on crazy and lacks any scientific proof of his many claims. He makes things up to sell product. He makes numerous claims that this little item in the signal...
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