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    Neumann NDH20 Review (Headphone)

    Amir, Thank You for staying so consistent with all your tests. I'm starting to pick up what you're laying down with speakers / headphones. AND IT IS SO MUCH EASIER BECAUSE YOU ARE SO CONSISTENT WITH HOW YOU REPORT DATA. Every report starts and proceeds in the same orderly fashion, with the...
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    Resolving Measurement Issues with SONCOZ SGD1 DAC

    Amir I for one appreciate all your efforts, especially as it's such a unique niche to be in, and I understand you're "retired." But don't let the jealous nit-pickers bring you down, I think you're doing pretty good. What's your subscribership at now? Please keep it up, you've exposed so much...
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    Stax SRM-Xh Review (Electrostatic Headphone Amp)

    Thank You Amirm! Stax are still a unique product, and deserve respect Thank evolution that we now have Planar Magnetic A current-hungry version of EStats
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    SMSL VMV A2 Review (Stereo Amplifier & DAC)

    400w out of that lil box!?! With those measurements?!? The future's bright even if it doesn't play over 20khz - no one will notice. I have to wonder about long term reliability though. Edit: Thank You Amir! How rude to forget.
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    Topping BC3 Review (Bluetooth Receiver) & BT CODECs

    THANK YOU Amir! You keep outdoing yourself. This is some VERY relevant info, Donation Inbound. YOU SIR ARE WALKING IN THE FOOTPRINTS OF JOHN ATKINSON
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    Alpine UTE-73BT Review (Head Unit)

    Thanks Amir! Careful: Car Audio is a huge market, you might get some pressure to keep measuring 12v devices. I'm just glad you've pointed out the best home audio gear, there's some GREAT VALUES out there!
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    Amazon Basics 80 Watt Amplifier Teardown

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    Amazon Basics 80 Watt Class D Amp Review

    Amirm - I bought DCA AEons because of your test - Thank You
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    Understanding FFT in Audio Measurements

    Thank You Amirm! I've been reading John Atkinson's Stereophile tests for ~30 years now, and it, literally, took me 5 years to even begin to understand what he was talking about. Gradually, thru time, I could compare one graph from one amp, to the same graph from another, and began to...
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    ASR Getting Into Measuring Headphones!

    Thank You Amirm! I truly appreciate your unbiased 3rd party inspection, especially since you seem VERY Technically Adept. And your reporting skills are excellent, too - you're easier to understand than even John Atkinson. I bet there's headphone manufacturers out there that are going to have...
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    Chord Huei Phono Preamp Review

    Thanks Amirm! They better photosynthesize some better plankton.
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    NAD M33 Streaming Amplifier Review

    Thanks Amirm, You're doing Gods' Work.
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    Headphone Measurements Using Brüel & Kjær 5128 HATS

    Amirm I'm not going to pretend I understand the technology, but I for one greatly appreciate your search for The Best. It certainly calls out the manufacturers to do better!
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    Announcement: ASR Will Be Measuring Speakers!

    Good 4 U Amir! I hope You keep shaking things up!! SINAD IS KING, and we live in Good Times.
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