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    SMSL D400ES and SMSL D400Ex

    The volume problem of D400ex can be fixed by this firmware: Thanks
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    SMSL D300 Review (Balanced DAC)

    Because a customer told me that his computer couldn't sense the firmware when it was updated after plugging it in, we're trying to figure it out. This firmware It can solve the problem of pop sound at the beginning of playing dsd and support dop, and the mac computer is available at the same...
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    SMSL D300 Review (Balanced DAC) Support Dop now, please try. The firmware of the MCU is to solve the problem of POP sound when playing DSD files, USB firmware is to open DOP.
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    SMSL M500 MKIII DAC & Amp Review Thanks amir, more info about M500 MKIII, can be check here. Thanks
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    SMSL D300 Review (Balanced DAC)

    Wait, uploading. Can see later. Thanks
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    SMSL D300 Review (Balanced DAC)

    We have a new firmware to fix this problem, and can be upgared the firmware from the official web. Support the DOP now. Thanks
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    New SMSL M500MKIII Hi Res Audio DAC & Headphone Amplifier ES9038PRO

    SMSL M500 MKIII Hi Res Audio DAC & Headphone Amplifier ES9038PRO OPA1612A MQA-CD DSD512 XU316 Bluetooth With Remote Control Click for more: SMSL M500 MKIII using top performance D/A chip ES9038PRO from ESS Technology; The high-performance power...
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    New SMSL A300 BTL Class-d Power Amp There are prime days sale on the a300 now, don't missed the discount.
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    New SMSL A300 BTL Class-d Power Amp

    SMSL A300 Hi-res Power Amplifier 165W*2 BTL Mode Bluetooth 5.0 This is the new power amplifier Input:RCA,BT,USB THD+N:0.004% SNR:103dB ChanneL separation:85dB Cutoff frequency (in high pass mode):50Hz Input Sensitivity / Input Impedance:28OmV/22kΩ Output Power: Input:RCA,BT,USB THD+N:0.004%...
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    SMSL M400 Balanced USB MQA DAC Review

    As long as the power amplifier is a signal input, it can be used with the M400, and the input impedance is not less than 1k without any problem. The input impedance of the general power amplifier is more than 47k
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    SMSL M400 Balanced USB MQA DAC Review

    So many person wonder: If smsl m400 when used in variable mode with power amp makes a difference in sound quality vs when used in fixed mode with a pre amplifier? In short do i need another preamplifier when connecting smsl m400 with power amplifier? It will be different, because the...
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    Review and Measurements of SMSL Sanskrit 10th DAC

    Thanks for your message, The apple signal, you need a converter to use, if the Android device can be connected directly, Apple devices are recommended to use the camera kit. Thanks Like this
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    SMSL VMV A2 Review (Stereo Amplifier & DAC)

    Thanks for the explanation of Toku. The best different of the A2 and SA400 is the A2 is the digital amplifier but the Sa400.
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    SMSL D300 Review (Balanced DAC) This is our first dac on Rohm Chip. D300 sounds more like playing vinyl, the felling more analog
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    SMSL M500 DAC and HP Amp Review

    This is not a recall request, I just find the customer have a upgrade requirement and want to help him for the solve the probelm. Thanks
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