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    I discovered something very interesting about digital vs vinyl.

    brave man... no way was I clicking on those links...
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    Is JBL going out if business?

    Anyone heard from the OP (@Phelonious Ponk)? I always enjoyed his opinions
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    Art is dead...

    Art should sometimes be challenging and cause the observer to ask questions. Sounds to me like it is very much alive and well
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    Deepfake Music

    The scary thing is that not long from now these “deep fake” compositions will actually be indistinguishable from the real thing. It’s already possible with photos of people. Try to pick the real people on this website: (Hint: they are all fake) We should all...
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    The US Electoral College

    If you think the US electoral college system is complicated, try explaining preferences and voting "above or below" the line in Australia :)
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    If you are feeling election anxiety today...

    Same in Australia, no ID required and we seem capable of freely and fairly electing governments on both sides of the political spectrum. And apart from the odd gerrymander on occasion, we also very strongly encourage everyone to vote in our version of democracy
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    Cheerful News, for once!

    Yes, another "double donut" day here in Victoria (zero cases, zero deaths)… I'm going to put on a lot of weight at this rate :)
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    Elections and voting (in general) ...

    They receive a fine. Just looked it up (as I’ve always voted I had no idea how much it is). For federal elections it seems to be $20. Not a lot really but it seems to work, voter turnout is always above 90%
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    Elections and voting (in general) ...

    Voting is compulsory here in Australia. We don’t see any meaningful number of random or empty votes.
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    March Audio Sointuva Speaker

    The active stuff … I'd really like to see that :)
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    EQing in stereo vs Eqing in mono

    Silly question, perhaps. If you are generating PEQ settings by measuring each speaker individually, does that mean you have a separate set of PEQs for each channel? Or do you combine the measurements somehow before generating the EQ filters?
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    Roger Sanders appears on "Three Sad Bastards" podcast

    I've done this too (I think I've mentioned it in other thread - apologies for the repetition). My 50w amp was clearly clipping into my ~95dB speakers at a volume that was only a little louder than my 'loud' listening level. It was very surprising and changed my opinion about how much headroom...
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    Magnepans and Amplifier Current

    Surely it's only theoretically possible. If you have an ideal amp with zero losses. Can't happen in the real world
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    Roger Sanders appears on "Three Sad Bastards" podcast

    I seem to remember reading somewhere that @amirm's dummy load is limited in the power it can handle. The Magtechs claim 900w into 4 ohms. There's no point asking him to send one in if it can't be measured to its claimed output
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