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    Help me spend my money...

    If you want some recommendations for wasting your money, hear this one: become an ASR donor!
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    Sabaj D5 - Owners' Thread

    I am back in France since 3 years. Before that I spent 2 years working in China. It's true, China is not Europe nor North America. And it's true, questions like guarantee is an Occidental way of thinking. And quality control is not at the same level as Occidental countries. Anyway, QC is able to...
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    Sabaj D5 - Owners' Thread

    Bought 3 samples, at 320€, and no problem for the moment.
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    Budget Near Field Monitors/Speakers

    Focal Alpha 50 for nearfield... It's 250€ for one but very often at 160€ one. More than your budget, but I think it's a nice little pair of active monitors. Ha well, in Europe... Do not know the price in your country.
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    SMSL SU-8 Version 2 Balanced DAC

    Don't you want to open it and try to find the fuse?
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    Topping D10s USB DAC and Bridge Review

    Ok, go for a Raspberry. A Pi one...
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    Topping D10s USB DAC and Bridge Review

    A brand new TotalDAC V2?
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    My experiences with chinese generic TPA3251 and TPA3255 amplifiers

    Good news... I think I have to order one for science investigation...
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    Fosi Audio HD-A1 Budget Amplifier Review

    I move so often... I have pair of speaker 100kg x 2 for stereo. I cannot unpack alone, I need help. Right now they are in the boxes. The Elac at 8kg each one are a dream. I have an amp at 40kg, a friend of mine is using it. I use light class D instead. And no more vinyle nor cd. Just some HDD...
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    Fosi Audio HD-A1 Budget Amplifier Review

    No problemo... I understand you do not want Amir wastes his time with uninteresting things. But I am sure a lot of people here are considered as specialist of the audio domain, and are requested for low cost systems by family and friends. So, for these persons, it's important to have in hand...
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    Fosi Audio HD-A1 Budget Amplifier Review

    I am able to let the volume control on the road for +30dB of SINAD.
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    Using a single DAC for both headphones and powered monitors?

    SABAJ D5? Or other DAC with XLR output for your powered monitors and and headphone amp inside the same box. SMSL M500 etc...
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    Fosi Audio HD-A1 Budget Amplifier Review

    SMSL SA100 is around 70$.
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    On the lookout for mixing headphones

    For mixing ? AKG K361, but I guess it is not enough expansive.
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