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    New Audiophysic medeos New Hi-End 5-way

    Without any knowledge about how they sound, I would point out that KEF's place their 'snowflake' in the center. KEF's in general are highly respected so maybe the problem is too many snowflakes.;)
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    Review of the Dire Straits album Money For Nothing with comparison between CD, Cd remastered in 1996, streaming and vinyl of the new 2022 remastering

    I DO find it to be a useful tool because it relates to what happens when I listen to 'remastered' music which has been dynamically compressed compared to the original master. It's too loud so I turn it down, but then it's not loud enough and that does seem to correspond to their numbers. While...
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    Website - JBL Studio2 Architectural Series

    OK, here's my somewhat OT rant. Here in this era of spellcheck, word lookup and even grammatical suggestion does the English language get so little respect? It is also a lack of respect for the readers of these misspellings that have to stumble through and try to determine the actual...
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    Tannoy Platinum B6 standmount - any info/experience out there

    Of course they have a 'smaller' sound. They look to be about 2/3 the size of the KEF's. Also I suspect that KEF's Uni-Q coaxial design frees up additional space. The frequency response seems reasonable, but the waterfall appears to show significant directivity problems at 1 and 3 Khz and is not...
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    KEF R3 OR BOWER & WILKINS S706 s2 ???

    In this forum, opinions need to be backed with facts. Let's start with the fact that that the C4 is not the S706-s2 (2.5 way vs. 2way). 20 years separates the two designs during which at least according to what I've seen of frequency response data, B&W has gone for a 'showroom' with accented...
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    Backwards directed , rear-firing tweeter, Snell Type E / III?

    It looks like you put everything back there, INCLUDING the kitchen sink, at least that's what it reminds me of. Fortunately, it's hidden in the back although there's a mini sink in front. Please take this in the spirit it's offered, tongue in cheek.;)
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    B&W 804 D4 review and measurements by Stereophile

    I would say no, but Amir afaict does expect a reasonable correlation between measured response and listening quality and has commented when they didn't match as well as expected. As far as preference not matching measured response (which is say reasonably flat response and good dispersion and to...
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    Polk Signature Elite ES20 Review (Bookshelf Speaker)

    My feeling is that 3.1 is at best warmed over stereo and that's before taking into account the lobing issues that most budget centers are notorious for. While I appreciate the enhancement that occurs with movies, I like surrounds even more for music, particularly live music although it also...
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    My Dog - pet thread

    The matching hat is awesome!
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    My Dog - pet thread

    Three and a half. Lucy is an honorary wiener although we were told that she was a Dachshund mix by the rescue group, but she acts and looks like a Tibetan Spaniel right up to getting up on the top of couches and chairs to get a better view outside. She also comes when you call, very undachshund...
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    My Dog - pet thread

    My dependents. From the top; Sparky, Herbie, Trixie and Lucy. First 3 are long haired dachshunds. Lucy is a Tibetan Spaniel (aka Tibbies) which requires some explanation because they are very uncommon in this country at least. They were kept by the Tibetan Monks as watchdogs on the walls of...
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    How did software development become so hard (Windows)???

    I originally had this in another thread. I'm the kind of person who doesn't want to get technical, just have the damn thing work. First my old Windows 7 computer decided it wouldn't connect to the internet, something along the lines of "I want to talk to you software, but you already moved on...
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    What makes speakers "disappear " and can it be measured?

    My speakers (currently Kef Q150 but it has also applied to other speakers I've used) do a vanishing act. How? Simple, I tilt them upward. The sound is now disembodied from the speakers. It's an illusion of course, but so is stereo.
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    Is it worth buying used integrated amplifiers like yamaha ax590 or is it better to just get something like Aiyima or Loxije?

    They are unlikely to sound better as long as you are listening within normal volumes. One thing that hasn't been asked in this thread is what kind of listening are you doing. Is it nearfield with speakers within a few feet of the listener. Powered speakers can be a problem with audible hiss...
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