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    World's best midranges

    The Tectonic BMR makes a great midrange, and that thing is like $8
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    Speakers and Subs - FR or XO?

    Try using a Driverack PA2 instead of the MiniDSP. It has balanced XLR inputs and outputs, which will allow you to get rid of that annoying ground loop.
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    JTR Subs for HiFi and Music Primarily

    I believe for movie mastering it means that the subwoofer is down -6dB at 20Hz.
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    JTR Subs for HiFi and Music Primarily

    FWIW, four or even two 18" subs is overkill for music unless you have giant room. The Genelec 8351B's can only hit 116dB. You could easily get 116dB in room from four good 12" subwoofers like the Rythmik F12G and still have plenty in the tank. Take the money you save and buy more speakers.
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    JTR Subs for HiFi and Music Primarily

    For the most part, yes. That's why I said it wouldn't make a huge difference. I am just saying that if I were in OP's situation looking for the best subwoofers to buy purely for music, two JTR RS2's wouldn't be at the top of my list. Bass quality has mostly to do with placement and room, but as...
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    JTR Subs for HiFi and Music Primarily

    There's no doubt that they would be great for music. All I am saying is that if you are going to be using them exclusively for music, there may be better options. For example, four smaller subs will be better than two JTR's. The Rythmik F18 is very, very good for music.
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    JTR Subs for HiFi and Music Primarily

    If you're going to be using them exclusively for music, Rythmik, PSA, or Funk Audio might be a little bit better. JTR subs are designed for ridiculous amounts of output, perhaps slightly at the expense of precision. All will give you massive amounts of headroom. There's really no way to get...
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    Heavenly Soundworks

    I got to hear these things in real life. They didn't sound that bad. These measurements must be before DSP has been applied. C'mon man!
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    Revel Salon2 questions

    Well, we can't get ME Geithain here in the United States, so consider it even.
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    Best Bang for Buck Floor Standing Speakers

    Why do you need towers? If you're on a budget, typically the best option would be to get bookshelfs and a sub later if you want it.
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    Revel Salon2 questions

    I wouldn't be surprised if the Salon3/Ultima3 never happens. Harman was purchased by Samsung a few years ago, and all of the offerings brought to the market since then evince a more aggressive approach to put profit over engineering. The Salon2 was a cost-no-object loudspeaker designed to be the...
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    Revel F226Be vs. F328Be

    The Salon2 has wider and more even dispersion, at least at the frequencies where dispersion matters. I'm not sure what difference smooth directivity would make above 10,000Hz. There's barely any content at that level, and frequencies that high rapidly decay and are absorbed by common materials...
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