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    Sactionals StealthTech (speakers in your sofa)

    I really think this is a fantastic idea. Even if the performance were mediocre for the price, the convenience and aesthetic factor is huge. I watched a press presentation for this and apparently the sound is tuned for each fabric material and even specific color.
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    How to make quasi-anechoic speaker measurements/spinoramas with REW and VituixCAD

    Unfortunately I have no experience measuring big heavy speakers in spinorama form and I'm not in a hurry to start! That said, maybe something like this setup from audioholics if you can measure outdoors? @hardisj also had a similar setup with a rolling scaffolding thingamajig at one point...
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    Airpulse A100 Review (Powered Speaker)

    Agreed, though I assumed that might be the reason for the slightly bright response. -------- Panther voting is fun! Gives newcomers another point of reference. Looks good to me other than seemingly leaning a bit bright. I'd imagine the low q dip around 2k and then peak at 4k might make it sound...
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    New Tyler Acoustics Speaker Designed by Danny From GR Research

    The last GR research kit speaker tested here did quite well, so I don't doubt this could be a very solid speaker.
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    Grimani Rixos

    I'm not but that looks like a spinorama from Sausalito Audio. Curiously last I checked they do their early reflections calculation differently and the bass isn't anechoic, but yes this looks quite good.
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    Sonos Play:1

    I think it is worth trying something different at least so you have a reference and learn some more about your tastes, but the Sonos Play:1 appear to be competently designed speakers, whose main limitations are going to SPL limitations due to their size. Some measurements available here. They're...
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    JBL 4309 Review (Speaker)

    Not commenting on the rest of your comment to avoid being caught in a debacle lol, but just thought I'd bring up the peculiarly consistent impression I have that anomalizes from roughly 700-Hz to 1500 Hz are the ones that least bother me. I don't know why. But speaker after speaker issues...
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    JBL 4309 Review (Speaker)

    I think some of us have quite different ways of interpreting measurements. I'm honestly a little surprised at all the people claiming these measurements are that bad. I know they wouldn't score very highly on the preference score, for various reasons, but I think it's a stretch to suggest these...
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    B&W 800D4 series

    Hahah that is really even closer than I expected. I don't mean to be argumentative as I don't know how productive it is to continue what seems to be some fundamental disagreements, (even though I think we agree on many things too). But for the sake of friendly debate I will point some things...
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    JBL 4309 Review (Speaker)

    A little confused -- what doesn't my measurement show? Obviously lower resolution but The DI curves in my spin track amir's quite closely. Pretty sure it's mostly just port noise.
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    B&W 800D4 series

    Soundstage Network's NRC measurements for the 805 D4 are up before the review. The response is definitely... interesting. And the Listening Window On the plus side, props to B&W for doing the closest thing to a 'Batman' frequency response I've seen yet, ears and all: In all seriousness...
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    JBL 4309 Review (Speaker)

    I've mentioned it before, but I'd really like to see a test where you take a very flat speaker like a Neumann or Genelec and you just progressively make the response more jagged with DSP, while keeping the overall tonality and flatness the same. Kind of like an anti-smoothing filter, lol. At...
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    JBL 4309 Review (Speaker)

    By the way, here's how it compared to the similarly spec'd and priced HDI-1600 (my own measurements, just using those because I'd already made the graphs and they matched amir's closely too): Even though the response is more jagged, I think overall you're getting very similar tonal balance...
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    JBL 4309 Review (Speaker)

    On my PC now, here's how the LW and PIR compare. Mostly quite similar. I seem to have summed the bass slightly too high perhaps, and there are some small differences here and there. but very similar overall. full range and loud enough* I'd say. Indeed it didn't feel like these were close...
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