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    Schiit Freya S Preamplifier Review 2

    Thank ASR, don't forget.
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    HIDIZS S8 USB-C Headphone Adapter Review

    Or Veclan's for 10$:
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    Review and Measurements of WesionTEK Khadas Tone Board DAC

    The latest firmware is the one containing hardware volume control. Nothing more happened thereafter.
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    What electronic audio products you want tested most

    No more speaking testing pls, try to return the equipment to Klipsch within the 14 days grace period and focus more on other gear pls.
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    What electronic audio products you want tested most

    Maybe here the one which is battery driven: The mfr earned certain reputation with his $5 earbud VE Monk Plus.
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    Is Hifiman HE400i better than Sennhaiser HD598

    Greatest phone website I've ever seen.
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    We measure audio equipment for free!!!

    @amirm ..... anything from astell in the pipeline?
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    Auralic LEO GX DAC Clock Review

    Not any longer, thanks ASR.
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    WolfX700 Measurement of Benchmark AHB2 Power AMP

    All the great work and all the charts with no explanation is senseless at least to me. I noticed you mentioned you made bad experiences in the past but pls reconsider putting at least one sentence in the charts pls.
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    What budget speakers you like to see reviewed?

    ScaMo 15 (599€, built) (, extremely DIY popular in GER)
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    SONCOZ SGD1 Audio DAC Review
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    Budget combo

    A dongle is all you need.
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    Mark Levinson No 360S DAC Review

    @amirm You have a well trained hearing, coupled both with an Atom amp ..... do you hear any differences between such a vintage DAC and the Hidzis Dongle ???? Any coloration, musicality, whatever .....??
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    HIDIZS S8 USB-C Headphone Adapter Review

    Despite the very good numbers on SINAD if I wanted to question the duration of the battery on the mobile phone ..... how long will it last draining the dongle at 2V voltage even with efficient IEM .... 45 minutes with headphones, 2-3 hrs with an IEM I guess?? .... At the end, the real use of...
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