My hobbies are time lapse video and lightning photography, finding cacti species that will grow outdoors here in East Tennessee, headphone-related audiophile pursuits, and many interests scientific, technical, and musical. I entered audiophile land in my teens, had many vinyl and digital systems, listening rooms, over the years. I'm probably overly sensitive to room acoustic problems, now I just do headphone listening.

Here's something kinda cool: years ago my buddy and I built a fast switch box for amplifiers, we used to take it around to stereo stores and set up level-matched blind listening tests between his little Sansui 90-watt integrated amp and whatever high-end stuff the store thought could beat it. Short of clipping the amps, never once could we or the sales people tell a difference, even on some incredible speakers they had. Surprise, surprise.
Knoxville, Tennessee
I work for a "technology integrator" tweaking a gigantic cloud service for various customers. It's very boring.


If you can't hear a difference without peeking, you can't hear a difference. If you can hear a difference without peeking, then you can hear a difference. I mean, really, why is that so complicated? - @SIY

Software chain: Qobuz - Audirvana - CanOpener - Sonarworks
Hardware chain 1: Topping D50 - Massdrop THX AAA 789 - Sennheiser HD600
Hardware chain 2: Khadas Tone Board - JDS Labs Atom - Sennheiser HD598 CS
Other headphones: Sennheiser HD 25-1 II 70 Ohm, Etymotic ER4SR
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