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    Sony announces new Walkman... $4200

    Until now, I thought Astell & Kern players were expensive & blingy. Silly me!
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    Microphone Distortion Higher than Speakers? Yes? No? Maybe?

    I see, each tone produced by a different speaker. That sounds legit.
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    Microphone Distortion Higher than Speakers? Yes? No? Maybe?

    Note: I have shown in my system that my speakers have lower distortion than the UMIK-1 measuring mic. When I measure distortion using Rode NT-1A mics, I get lower measured distortion than I get when using the UMIK-1. That's with all else equal: mic position, system volume / loudness, etc...
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    Microphone Distortion Higher than Speakers? Yes? No? Maybe?

    The method is either incorrect, or I don't understand it. First you played single tones at 60 Hz and 1300 Hz, respectively. Then you played both tones simultaneously, and intermodulation products appeared in the results. You conclude that the intermodulation came from the mic, but how do you...
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    Most aesthetically pleasing amplifiers

    What I like about that EQ is the bands are set at perceptually equal intervals (1 octave spacing).
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    Most aesthetically pleasing amplifiers

    When I was a teenager my best friend's dad had one of those. We spent many hours listening to it. Seeing it again after all those years really brought back some memories!
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    Show us your vintage cassettes!

    IME, none of the cassette tape style demagnetizers work. Even a fresh battery doesn't seem to provide enough power to create a strong enough field to really demagnetize the head. I've had much better results with the wand-style demagnetizer that you plug into the wall. I've confirmed this by...
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    $250 vs $950 vacuum record cleaning system comparison

    The nice thing about blending your own is you can always adjust the formula. PS: I used up to 35% alcohol in my Nitty Gritty 2.5 FI, which has a 10 amp vacuum. Never had a fire. Yes there were fumes, you could smell it. Later I reduced the alcohol to 18% because the higher concentration damaged...
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    $250 vs $950 vacuum record cleaning system comparison

    I realize you weren't asking me, but this might be helpful. Summary: 1 part 70% isopropyl alcohol 3 parts distilled water 1 drop of pure (no perfumes or other additives) liquid soap 1 part iso to 3 parts water is: (.7A + 0.3W) + 3W = .7A + 3.3W, which is .7 / 4 = 18% alcohol IME, that's enough...
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    $250 vs $950 vacuum record cleaning system comparison

    Good advice. Back when I had vinyl and a good record cleaner... I found it was VERY important to clean a record before first play. When I bought used records, the record cleaner definitely helped, but how much it helped varied quite a bit. My working theory was that when you play a record when...
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    $250 vs $950 vacuum record cleaning system comparison

    For many years I used a Nitty Gritty 2.5 FI to clean my records. It worked great getting them spanky-clean. When I finally got rid of all my vinyl I sold it to a friend, and it's still in service. I bought it back in the mid 90s so it's definitely a durable quality product.
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    Claude Shannon: Bit Player

    I learned about Shannon at university, getting my math degree. Not until 3rd or 4th year though, in group/ring theory when we got into public key encryption and took a brief detour into information theory. James Gleick wrote a great book about this topic, which includes Shannon and others: The...
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    Help with my Audeze LCD2 Frequency chart

    At the risk of adding to an old thread... My LCD-2 Fazors came with an individual measured curve that looks much like yours. It's a bit misleading since it's done against diffuse while we're more accustomed to seeing Harman. The Harman curve has too much bass and treble for my taste, like a...
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    Toslink and Coax spdif

    Yep, that's it. If you didn't hear any difference the first time around, I'd say that's a good working definition of "subtle". This timing/buffering is inherent to SPDIF interfaces, because data delivery is controlled by the upstream device, so the downstream device has to adapt to it...
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