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    Bose QuietComfort 45 - Impending Release! Measured on a 5128. No mention unfortunately of the volume setting used for the measurements as it will affect the FR (volume dependent EQ). I would however encourage people to try them for themselves, as a collection of hunches...
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    Austrian Audio Hi-X65 open-back announced

    Hi, I've put my weekly measurements on hold for now as I've reached a point where it's evident that my DIY probe and blocked ear canal entrance mics have limitations I'd like to get past, so I've been spending most of my time making a new probe. I'll definitely resume doing them once that's done...
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    The headphone show interview with special guest Dr. Sean Olive from Harman International.

    Thanks to everyone involved. @Mad_Economist, the article mentioned at the 2:11 mark, is it this one ? The article below also re-uses the "free air equivalent coupling" and "PDR" concepts ...
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    Sennheiser HD600 Review (Headphone)

    Depends on the headphones and individual. These are example of headphones which give me fairly repeatable seatings to seating variations (here five individual traces, mic wasn't moved between them) - H400SE, HD560S, HD650 with Dekoni Elite Velour pads, with blocked ear canal entrance mics ...
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    HBK Headphone Measurement Talks from Head-Fi and Sean Olive

    That's what I was understanding indeed. So if the 5128 and 45CA are more or less a constant in that regard in the band of interest (300-5kHz), likely causes should be found elsewhere. But that's where I'm just butting head-on against my non-existent knowledge of acoustics. I can only try to...
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    HBK Headphone Measurement Talks from Head-Fi and Sean Olive

    I've never tried the K550 so can't comment on that, but one thing that appreciate the most with the QC25/35/45 series is the pretty large room inside the cups for the ear lobes. If I may go back to the question of trying headphones under varying degrees of pad compression in relation to the...
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    HBK Headphone Measurement Talks from Head-Fi and Sean Olive

    If you have seen the slides with the individual measurements from Sean Olive's presentation, what would be according to you likely hypotheses to explain the differences observed for, for example, the K550 between 300 and 5kHz, or the Bose QC35II between 1 and 5kHz or so ?
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    HBK Headphone Measurement Talks from Head-Fi and Sean Olive

    By directivity, what exactly do you mean ? Changes during spatial averaging when measuring headphones on a test rig ? HRTF ? I'm trying to understand what you have in mind in the context, for example, of HRTF measurements being mostly done at the ear canal entrance, which seems to be sufficient...
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    HBK Headphone Measurement Talks from Head-Fi and Sean Olive

    But if I understand you well, that would result int the same variation in bass response for all headphones ? Sean Olive provided in his presentation the individual measurements for the 20 headphones measured and there were quite a few significant variations in the variation :D. Headphones like...
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    IEMs equalized to Harman IE target sound total different from AKG K371 ,or any other over the ears Headphones EQ to Harman OE target.

    I agree to a degree, but I wouldn't put all headphones types in the same basket in regards to that degree for various ranges of the FR spectrum. No idea about IEMs, but I suspect that there is quite a significant difference between, let's say, a pair of HD650, K371 and Bose QC35II in regards to...
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    Best $300 headphones for music production

    I would use these, equalised to Harman after EQ presets. It's an extensively measured and known pair of headphones, for which we have some idea on how they actually behave on real humans, and with seemingly fairly decent sample variation. I think that this would make for a good starting point...
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    HBK Headphone Measurement Talks from Head-Fi and Sean Olive

    I might be mistaken, but I don't think that Jude ever presented a 5128 measurement with Harman's GRAS target. If you're referring to slide 90 of Sean Olive's presentation, I believe that this is an addendum by the presentation's author to illustrate the inadequacy of the GRAS target on the 5128...
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    Drop Dan Clark Audio Aeon Closed X

    Do the pads have slightly different depths / internal volume ? Have you tried to characterise the DCA Aeon Closed X's behaviour under varying levels of pad compression ?
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    HBK Headphone Measurement Talks from Head-Fi and Sean Olive

    Besides @staticV3's link, there's also :
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    Consensus on the best mid-fi Hifiman to get these days?

    Resolve's copy did measure with a flatter bass extension, whether on his test equipment or on his own head : If RHO's copy happens to have very little leak in the front volume, it will extend quite low similarly to what most planars can achieve in these conditions (unlike, let's say, a pair of...
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