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    Back to basics. Definition: Analogue audio

    Somehow this hasn't been brought up either here or in the other thread, but it's analog which just the approximation. The universe is quantized all the way down - matter, energy, time, and space. It's just that usually the individual quanta are so small compared to the scale one is working at...
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    Why the market do not move into external active design?

    DSP actually lets you do a lot more. Case in point, active speakers usually "cheat" by boosting the bass past the system's natural roll off and then adding a limiter so you don't unexpectedly damage the woofer. This limits maximum usable SPL in one way or another, either by compressing the...
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    Most idiotic subjective review comments

    Still my favorite.
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    Why do records sound so much better than digital?

    Definitely need more than just an engine and tranny swap. You'd basically be replacing or very heavily modifying everything but the body, but that's the most important part so no big deal. Kinda like this awesome audio related resto-mod. What's the turntable equivalent of this?
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    Why do records sound so much better than digital?

    Until you resto-mod the '65...
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    God of SINAD vs. reality we get from most available music files

    The lack of products integrating useful DSP is leaving a lot on the table, but I still think we need both. Plain old high SINAD is pretty useful on it's own for avoiding hiss when using pure digital volume control and for DSP headroom. Also firmware/software usually ends up being the hardest...
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    Do balanced headphone amplifiers really not make an audible difference?

    Balanced headphone outputs are a much more reasonable choice for mobile/portable devices where voltage rails are limited.
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    Why do records sound so much better than digital?

    Multichannel music is definitely better in theory, but not so much in practice since there's so little content. Maybe this Atmos thing will keep going and that will change. Maybe it will die out like quadraphonic records. Maybe you're lucky and what's currently available matches your tastes...
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    Loudspeaker Management Systems

    It's not quite a loudspeaker management system, but I currently run my speakers through a BSS BLU-160 which is being criminally underutilized since I haven't had the time to implement all my original plans for it.
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    Schiit Audio? Ok.

    Schiit still hasn't chickened out at changed their name like these guys.
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    Topping L30 II Review (Headphone Amp)

    The first few batches of the original L30 could fail and burn out the voice coil of the attached headphone. IIIRC they were just dumping straight DC across the output. All the gory details are buried in the 260 page thread. Several of Schiit's models have had similar a reputation for blowing...
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    Topping L30 II Review (Headphone Amp)

    That would fine if you didn't have to worry about it taking your headphones with it like the original did.
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    Low Sensitivity IEMs?

    You could also look up the various iFi IEMatch adapters to reduce sensitivity.
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    Westone Pro X30 and X50 IEMs subjective impressions and comparison

    I talked to Westone reps at AXPONA earlier this year and they told me that besides the new T2 connector Pro X series is the same as the UM Pro series.
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